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Ramadan in Cairo 2013: This Year’s Top Ramadan TV

Ramadan in Cairo 2013: This Year’s Top Ramadan TV
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Cairo 360

Ramadan is but a few short hours away and that means one thing: mosalsal heaven. As always, Egypt’s prolific TV industry dials things up a few notches, churning out some of the most popular TV shows in the Middle East. Over the last few years, Ramadan TV has become a platform for young actors to announce themselves to Egyptian audiences as well as an indulgence for more established actors; so there’s plenty to please everyone.

Here’s a roundup of the mosalsals that have been causing excitement amongst Cairo’s couch collective.

Taht El Ard (Underground):

Written by: Hesham Helal

Directed by: Hatem Aly

Starring: Amir Karrara, Nabil Issa, Mahmoud El Guindy, Diaa Abdel Khalek, Rasha Mahdy

Betrayal, love and secrets are the key ingredients to any successful – or unsuccessful – Ramadan series, and Taht El Ard has plenty of each.  

Airs On: El Nahar Channel

Ism Mo’aqat (Temporary Name):

Written by: Mohamed Soliman Abdel Malek

Directed by: Ahmed Nader Galal

Starring: Youssef El Sherif, Sherry Adel, Sherine El Tahan, Ramez Amir, Amr Abed, Dalia Mostafa, Zaki Fetin Abd El Wahab

Having starred in last year’s award-winning Raqam Maghoul (Unknown Number), Youssef El Sherif is back as a successful businessman who decides to return home to Egypt after years of living abroad. However, after an accident that causes him amnesia, the course of his life takes a rather unfortunate turn.

Airs On: Mehwar and Dream

Moget Harr (Heatwave):

Written by: Osama Anwar Okasha

Directed by: Mohamed Yassin

Starring: Eyad Nassar, Hana Shiha, Maaly Zayed, Medhat Saleh, Khaled Selim, Amira El Aidy, Gehan Fadel

A mother of two sons is torn between her children’s lives after the loss of their father. One son is a police officer whose ruthless nature at work spills into his marriage, while the other is a leftist revolutionary. Pure drama.

Airs On: MBC Masr and Dream

El Kebir Awy 3:

Written by: Mostafa Sakr, Mohamed Ezz El Din

Directed by: Ahmed El Guindy, Hesham Fathy

Starring: Ahmed Mekki, Donia Samir Ghanim, Mohamed Shaheen

Back for a third Ramadan, Mekki takes on the humourous role of El Kebir. This season of the popular comedy sees the oddball cast argue over their father’s inheritance.

Airs On: CBC

Al ‘araaf (The Fortune Teller):

Written by: Youssef Ma’aty

Directed by: Ramy Emam

Starring: Adel Emam, Hussien Fahmy, Mohamed Emam, Talaat Zakaria, Rasha Mahdy

Adel Emam plays the title character as a professional conman who manages to weed his way through the Egypt’s political scene and cause havoc.

Airs On: MBC

Neeran Sadeeqa (Friendly Fire):

Written by: Mohamed Amin Rady

Directed by: Khaled Marei

Starring: Amr Youssef, Mona Shalaby, Rania Youssef, Kinda Alloush

Focusing on a group of close friends, Neeran Sadeeqa explores how time affects relationships. One for dreamy teenagers, maybe?

Airs On: MBC Drama


Hekayet Hayyah (Hayyah’s Story):

Written by: Ayman Salama

Directed by: Mohamed Samy

Starring: Ghada Abdel Razek, Tarek Lotfy, Rogina, Ahmed Zaher

After being forced to return to Egypt and leave a life os success and wealth abraod, a headstrong businessman falls in love – but there’s something he doesn’t know. Goosebumps.

Airs On: Abu Dhabi

Mouled we Sahboh Ghayeb (Mouled Without a Leader):

Written by: Mostafa Moharam

Directed by: Sherine Adel

Starring: Hayfaa Wahby, Bassem Samra, Safeya El Emary, Mohamed Abu Dawood, Fifi Abdo

Telling the story of a poor girl who makes it big in the business world prior to the revolution, Mouled we Sahboh Ghayeb goes on to explore the corruptions and screts of the presedential regime.

Airs On: Hayat

Happy viewing and Ramadan Kareem, Cairo!