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Ramadan in Cairo 2015: Five Mosalsalat You Need to Tune Into This Ramadan

Ramadan in Cairo 2015: Five Mosalsalat You Need to Tune Into This Ramadan
written by
Ahmed Ibrahim

Ramadan traditions are numerous, but one tradition Egyptians hold dearly is obsessing over their mosalsalaat. You know this is the case when you walk into any house to find a crowd of watchers, silent and focused, hunched over the latest episode of their favorite show.

Now, thanks to the ever-growing prominence of the Egyptian television industry, we’re left an abundance of options to choose from; but who has the time to flip through the whole lot of them until they find the one they kind-of like? Plus, with our hectic work days or bear-like sleeping patterns, it’s hard for anyone to keep up with what’s worth tuning in to, which is a shame because there are some pretty good shows this year.

We, here at Cairo 360, feel for you, and wanted to make your Ramadan mosalsal viewing experience a little more enjoyable. So we’ve picked the top five mosalsalat you should watch this here.

Haret El Yahood (The Alley of the Jews)

Set in a post 23 of July Revolution Egypt, Haret El Yahood has been one of the most talked about shows this year. The controversial drama follows the lives Jewish Egyptians as they move from humbly coexisting with their Muslim counterparts, to be being the targets of belligerence as Israeli troops close in on Palestine. In the midst of this turmoil, a story of forbidden love blooms between a young Jewish girl and a Muslim military officer. Problems arise and tensions fester, making Haret El Yahood a definite one-to-watch this Ramadan.

Showing on: CBC, Ten, Al Hayat, Dream, Al Kahera Wal Nas, Panorama Drama, Orbit, Nile

El Kaboos (The Nigthmare)

Living up to its name, this psychological thriller opens up with a woman having nightmares about her son, whom she wakes up to find has been murdered. As the grief takes its toll on the woman, she is tormented by plagued thoughts and sleepless nights. Ultimately, with the rest of her life drifting into sheer bedlam, she makes it her sole mission to find out who murdered her son, but as things get more and more confusing, it gets harder for her to keep up with the mess inside her mind, let alone the one outside.  

Showing on: CBC, OSN

Taht El Saytara (Under Control)

Painting a hauntingly memorable portrait of the turbulent lives of people fighting addiction, Taht El Saytara has propped itself up to be one of the most engaging shows out there this year. The thriller-drama follows the life of a scarred addict trying to forget her past and move on with her life, and a young girl who gets away with minor drug use, but has no idea this is where it all starts. With the allure of the social scene, and the comfort of old habits, the characters encounter challenges and dilemmas that shake up their very cores, offering a beautifully painful account of the victims of a condition that devours them whole.

Showing on: CBC, Ten, Al Mehwar, Al Kahera Wal Nas, Dream, Sada El Balad

Zehab Wa Awda (Round Trip)

The highly anticipated return of Ahmed El Sakka to television screens has not disappointed with the actor’s latest show, Zehab Wa Awda. Khaled, the show’s protagonist, lives a calm and quiet life with his family as a wealthy businessman. This serenity is soon disrupted, however, when his son is kidnapped.  Unusual to Egyptian screens, the show sheds some light on the somewhat forgotten human and organ trafficking issue as the son is taken to be trafficked. With no other option, Khaled is forced to infiltrate the organisation in order to save his son, but as he soon learns, things are not always what they seem. Also, for the action-junkies, you should know by now that Sakka, dangerous stunts and nail-biting fight scenes are pretty much synonymous.

Showing on: MBC Masr

Baad El Bedaya (After the Beginning)

Egyptian journalist, Omar, has a nose for sniffing out corruption. His work gets him into trouble however, as he exposes the underbelly of the worlds of business and politics alike. After surviving a failed murder attempt, Omar realises how serious the situation really is, but with articles declaring his death surfacing and his name adorning the obituaries, he is convinced. The show follows him as he uncovers the secrets behind the things that are happening to him and, ultimately, who’s behind them. 

Showing on: ART, Al Nahar

Happy watching!