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Ready for Eid Al Adha Cinema List? 4 Movies To Look Forward To

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Ready for Eid Al Adha Cinema List? 4 Movies To Look Forward To
written by
Nada Medhat
Via Archyde

Eid Al-Adha is right around the corner, and you know what this means? It’s cinema time! It is a time when movie theatres get packed, and for all the right reasons! During Eid, most new movies play at a strategic time for families and friends to make a whole day out of it. Heading to the cinema during Eid has become a tradition, one of Eid’s rituals that we just can’t miss out on or it wouldn’t be the same! From romance to comedy and action, this list has a genre suitable for all family members. 

*Some cinema showings are subject to change*


Starring Egyptian actors Mohamed Imam, Huda Mufti, Aiten Amer, and Sayed Ragab, the film revolves around Sultan, a boxer and a trainer, who accidentally discovers a printing station for forging dollar bills in Egypt. It leads him to an unexpected adventure.


Written and directed by singer, songwriter, and actor Tamer Hosny in his first experience behind the camera. The romantic drama-comedy revolves around a love triangle and the main character’s adventures in choosing between the two women. It stars himself alongside Egyptian actors Hana El-Zohdy and Huda Mufti.

Tasleem Ahaly 

Starring Egyptian actor and singer Donia Sameer Ghanem in her first lead and Egyptian actor Hisham Maged, the comedy revolves around a couple whose life turns upside down when a woman obsessed with Maged’s character starts stalking him. As a result, the couple find themselves on the run from her. The film also features Bayomi Fouad and the late Dalal Abd El-Aziz in her last appearance in cinema; you wouldn’t want to miss that one.

Kira Wel Gen

Released on June 30 and in anticipation of Eid Al Adha, the film will continue showing during Eid. Adapted from Ahmed Mourad’s novel of the same name, the historical action/thriller revolves around the Egyptian resistance against English colonialism during the 1919 revolution. It stars Egyptian actors Kareem Abd El-Aziz, Ahmed Ezz and Tunisian Hend Sabry.