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WATCH: Injy El Mokkaddem Talks All About Her Role as Layali Eugenie’s Sophia

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WATCH: Injy El Mokkaddem Talks All About Her Role as Layali Eugenie’s Sophia
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    Ramadan always brings forth a number of rising stars to the stage, and sometimes it’s an opportunity for veterans to show us a different side of themselves. This Ramadan, we were especially delighted with the beautiful, vintage ambiance that Layali Eugenie created through its smooth story-telling. And since we loved the show and its stars, we sat down with one of the stand-out performers in the series, Injy El Mokkaddem.

    Injy El Mokkaddem is an Egyptian actress who started out her career as a TV show host, she then moved on to star in a number of TV series that were mostly comedies.

    During our chat, El Mokkaddem talked about how she was offered a number of roles, but preferred to opt for her role in Layali Eugenie because all of the other roles offered to her were comedies. Injy wanted to give her audience something different, she wanted a role that would challenge her.

    If you haven’t been impressed by the star’s previous performances, this one will definitely give you a change of heart. Injy plays Sofia in Ramadan’s Layali Eugenie, and her performance is impeccable. El Mokkaddem sees Sofia as a strong, independent, and cheerful woman, she believes her to be a great model for young females. In our talk, she told us how much she worked on understanding the character.

    For more details about what Injy said in the interview, check out the full video, and stay tuned for more exclusives with our Egyptian stars.