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What to Watch: A Guide to Netflix’s Most Anticipated Series Returning This Summer

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What to Watch: A Guide to Netflix’s Most Anticipated Series Returning This Summer
written by
Nesrien Abdelkader
Via Rightsline

Sometimes, the best way to beat the heat is to avoid it completely. You can take a break and spend all day inside with the sweet, cool AC blasting as you binge watch the newest seasons of our favourite shows. Here’s what’s returning to our screens again this summer:

Never Have I Ever (Premiere Date: August 12)

The messiest protagonist in the history of teen dramas is returning for a third season. Devi and Paxton, her longtime crush Paxton, are finally a couple. But, now that Ben has learnt about Devi’s true feelings for him, more drama is sure to ensue. Not to mention, Netflix announced the addition of Des, a new Indian-American character, who might just turn this love triangle into a square. 

Peaky Blinders (Premiere Date: June 10)

Fierce gang leader Tommy Shelby will be gracing our screens for the last time in the show’s sixth and final season next month. Following the titular gangster family in early 20th century England, Peaky Blinders is loosely based on real life and addresses the gang’s criminal exploits alongside British politics. If you’re not quite ready to let go, don’t worry because Creator Steven Knight confirmed that a spin-off film will follow the series finale. So, don’t hang up your newsboy caps just yet!

Stranger Things (Premiere Dates: Volume One May 27 and Volume Two July 1)

After three long years, the highly anticipated series is finally returning for a fourth, where viewers will finally get to see the Upside Down put to an end. The gang’s all grown up now and facing something even scarier than Demogorgon and alternate universes; high school. The eighties fashion and tragic haircuts will hopefully keep this darker season from getting a little too strange. 

Umbrella Academy (Premiere Date: June 22)

Season three picks up after the Hargreeve siblings had managed to stop the 1963 doomsday. Believing they prevented the impending apocalypse and finally fixed their timeline, the Umbrella Academy returned home, only to find it taken over by the Sparrow Academy. Netflix’s latest season pits the Umbrella Academy members against their Sparrow Academy counterparts in a thrilling new timeline filled with action, laughs, and tons of emotional baggage.  

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous (Premiere Date: July 21)

Kids can tune into the fifth and final season of this Jurassic Park franchise animated spin-off. The show follows a group of six teenagers stranded at an exclusive dinosaur camp who must fight to survive when the dinosaurs break free from their habitats.