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The Historical Palace Cinema to See Renovations

The Historical Palace Cinema to See Renovations

Mo Salah Rocks a Few Different Hairstyles Thanks to This Artist

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Which of these is your favourite look?

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These Artists Just Gave Disney Princesses an Egyptian Twist

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We're absolutely in love with all these artworks.

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This Egyptian Film Is Set to Participate in Cairo International Film Festival

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We can't wait to see this movie!

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Meet Farah Wali, Egypt’s Soon-to-Be International Fashion Designer

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Congratulations to our fashion star.

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Egyptian Exhibition Steals the Show at Venice Biennale of Architecture

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A different outlook on informal trading spaces.

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Star-Studded Play Laila Min Alf Laila Returns to the Stage

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We can't wait to watch El Fakharany's play!

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Kareem Fathy

The Witch Who has called it a film worest movie ever boring to the death Not horror. Acttion . Not…


اسم على الورق: عفوًا.. لقد نفذ الرصيد اسجل اعجابي بالنقد الفني المبني علي فهم وحس فني وتذوق واعي … .. الموزع الموسيقي : حازم رأفت

Sara Saleh

The Fault in Our Stars Cliche and really overrated. I laughed and couldnt get mildly emotional from it. Green's only good points are…

Waseem El Tanahi

Casper & Gambini’s Nice step up from the usual mall food in Egypt but guys 90% of your restaurant is smoking…

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wael tork

أكاديمية سحر: مصنع خبراء التجميل من نجاح الى نجاح افضل


La Fandi There's nothing bquite alike the warmth of an authentic egypttion dinner brewing in a kitchen .

Your Comprehensive Guide to Ramadan Nights at Darb 1718

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A great way to spend your Ramadan nights!

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El-Muizz Street is The Perfect Place To Spend Your Ramadan Evenings

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It has a lot planned this Ramadan.

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These Events Will Add a Cultural Twist to Your Ramadan Nights

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Are you in the mood for a cultural experience?

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El-Muizz Street Lights Up With a Series of Special Events This Ramadan

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You don't want to miss these festivities.

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These Museums Are Getting Extended Hours During Ramadan

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Some places that previously closed early are now available at your convenience.

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