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These Artists Just Gave Disney Princesses an Egyptian Twist

These Artists Just Gave Disney Princesses an Egyptian Twist

This Egyptian Film Is Set to Participate in Cairo International Film Festival

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We can't wait to see this movie!

Ahmed Malek Basma +9

Meet Farah Wali, Egypt’s Soon-to-Be International Fashion Designer

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Congratulations to our fashion star.

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Egyptian Exhibition Steals the Show at Venice Biennale of Architecture

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A different outlook on informal trading spaces.

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Star-Studded Play Laila Min Alf Laila Returns to the Stage

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We can't wait to watch El Fakharany's play!

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Your Comprehensive Guide to Ramadan Nights at Darb 1718

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A great way to spend your Ramadan nights!

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El-Muizz Street is The Perfect Place To Spend Your Ramadan Evenings

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It has a lot planned this Ramadan.

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These Events Will Add a Cultural Twist to Your Ramadan Nights

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Are you in the mood for a cultural experience?

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El-Muizz Street Lights Up With a Series of Special Events This Ramadan

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You don't want to miss these festivities.

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Mourad M. Fahim

Asia Bar Brilliant food, service , drinks and food. It's the place to be on a date. The staff are…

Waseem El Tanahi

Zooba If your looking for an authentic Egyptian experience Zooba is spot on. Everything from decor to the bite…

Olya Yakovenko

Chez Richard I want to share with you my awful experience in the salon Chez Richard (17 Off Abdel Moneim…

Mohamed Mansour

Nevada belaaal there is the best . actually i wish he owned the place , very confident plesant person…

Omar Khaled

النبطي عندما بدات في قرأة هذه الرواية لم اكن افهم لماذا إختيار إسم النبطي وهو ليس من ابطال الرواية…

These Museums Are Getting Extended Hours During Ramadan

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Some places that previously closed early are now available at your convenience.

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Here Is What the Egyptian Textile Museum Has in Store for Its Ramadan Visitors

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A different way to spend your Ramadan nights.

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Here Is How the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Is Celebrating Ramadan

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Who doesn't love Ramadan's Lanterns?

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The Cairo 360 Editors' Choice Awards 2018: Arts & Culture Award Winners

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It’s rather painful to imagine Cairo without these arts and culture hubs.

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International Band to Hit Umm Kulthum Museum With a Live Performance

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Don't miss this wildly different performance.

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