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Mohave: Egypt’s First Native American Restaurant

Mohave: Egypt’s First Native American Restaurant

Deliciously Shareable: Cairo's Best Lebanese Restaurants

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The best Lebanese restaurants in the Capital.

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From Main Courses to Desserts: A Guide to Cairo’s Vegan Friendly Restaurants & Cafés

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At least one or more satisfying vegan options.

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Kyoto Sushi: Competitive Prices at Sheikh Zayed Venue

Its competitive offers caught our attention.

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3am 7awawshy: Small Spot, Big Flavours

Have you ever tried this restaurant before?

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Mama Restaurant: The Latest Addition to Cairo’s List of Authentic Egyptian Restaurants

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The restaurant has a number of branches across town.

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Sara Saleh

The Fault in Our Stars Cliche and really overrated. I laughed and couldnt get mildly emotional from it. Green's only good points are…

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Judy Mohamed

La Villa very good

Mohamed Abdel Mageed

The Vegan Kitchen They used to use the freshest ingredients and their food was very inventive and delicious. I hope we…


Ahwak Salon de Thé: Elegant New Hangout in Zamalek I was there on the 5th day of Ramadan 2017 the place is nice but overpriced with 150…


باب الشرق – Bab El-Sharq ممتاز و رائع

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Waseem El Tanahi

Mandarine Koueider One of the best places in Cairo to get dessert! A must try!

Il Divino Pizzeria: Mixed Feelings at Westown Hub Branch

We've decided to check out Taboon's venue roomie.

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The Cairo 360 Guide to the Capital’s Best International Restaurants

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Which one's your favourite?

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The Cairo 360 Guide to Zamalek’s Hottest Restaurants and Food Shacks

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What are you in the mood for?

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The Traveler's Guide: 9 Tips To Help You Pick A Good Restaurant Abroad

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Food tourism is just as important as sightseeing.

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Cairo's Best Authentic Italian Restaurants

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In the mood for a delicious Italian meal?

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