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Seecoz: ‘Street Greek’ On Fleek in New Cairo

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Ramy Soliman
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Seecoz: ‘Street Greek’ On Fleek in New Cairo

Waterway has a lot of big names in the food industry like, Mince, Crave, Qahwa, and much more, but apparently that’s wasn’t a threat for the burger truck, Shocks, because it’s doing really well. However, there’s a new street food underdog joined the delicious spot called Seecoz.

The giant food-court that is Waterway has some pretty impressive tenants; Mine, Crave and Qahwa are just some of the eateries you’ll find there, but there’s a new street-food kid on the block and it goes by the name of Seecoz.
The Greek street food specialist that sells Greek gyro sandwiches out of a white and baby blue, refurbished shipping container that also incorporates a glass panel and exposed kitchen for you to watch the food in the making. From the staff uniform and the packaging, to the menu and the container itself, we loved how everything featured that white and baby blue zigzag pattern – branding matters.

The menu is simple; Seecoz sell five types of sandwiches alongside two types of fries and two vegetarian friendly sandwiches.

The Chicken Gyro (45LE) was filled with slices of very tender chicken from the shawarma-like skewer, fries – which we’ll get to in a second – fresh onion, tomato and tzatziki sauce, all served in a soft and pleasingly-chewy pita bread. While we were pleased with the generous amount of filling and how there was a balance to the flavours, the tzatziki sauce and the chicken were on the bland side, with sauce especially needing a bolder kick.

The Beef Gyro (50LE) is largely the same, only with yogurt honey mustard added to the mix. Although the mustard added a sweetness and creaminess to the sandwich, like the chicken, the beef itself lacked flavour, in addition to being cut in thick slices that made it rather chewy.

The last sandwich we tried was Fried Chicken Souvlaki (50LE), which consists of three giant chicken strips that had a fantastic crunch, teamed up with the regular fillings mentioed above and Seecoz sauce, which is thousand island sauce with a hint of chili powder. The Seecoz sauce added a fantastic spicy kick to the sandwich and you could call the whole thing an Egypt-friendly twist on a Greek classic.

And what of the spicy feta fries? The fries are coated in flour before being fried and the result is beautifully thick, crispy fries that are both tasty on their own and play a big part in the sandwiches. However, we weren’t big fans of the spicy feta topping which was very chunky for a topping and rather over-salted.

Although the food needs some adjustments and the meats bolder flavours, we would have no problems in going back to Seecoz. We loved the simple branding, the staff was friendly, the ingredients were all fresh and the concept is really fun and street-food friendly.

360 Tip

Seecoz has a 'Miniz' menu which consists of three mini Gyros.

Best Bit

It's a great brand with a fun concept that suits the Egyptian taste.

Worst Bit

The meats need a little more oomph, be it in the way of seasoning or anything else.


So authentic and tasty!

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