With all the konafa, baa’lawa and basbousa that we’ve had lately, joining a gym might be a smart thing to do. If you don’t want to buy your clothing for Eid a size bigger than usual and happen to live in the Mohandiseen area, then hop over to Gold’s Gym’ on Damask Street. Slightly smaller than the older Gold’s Gym branches, this new gym is described as a mini-branch. However, size doesn’t matter when it comes to this gym franchise; it might be a small space but you still have all the benefits and luxuries that you'd expect from Gold’s.

The Mohandiseen branch has only two floors. The top floor is mostly reserved as a women’s-only area with a room for group classes. The usual classes are offered such as yoga, pilates, step aerobics and various martial arts. The class space is limited and so the groups are small; you have to sign up early to guarantee a spot in the class.

The women’s-only area is a bit small but has all the machines that you need for either a cardio workout or strength training, such as elliptical machines, treadmills and weight machines.The cardio machines come with built-in individual TV screens and soundsystems, and are of the exact same quality and brand of those in the mixed gym area.

The mixed gym space is also not that big but again, it has everything that you need. There are treadmills, bikes, step machines and cross trainers on the right side of the room. As is expected of Gold’s Gym, all equipment is of the highest standards by the brand Techno Gym with individual TV screens offering distraction while you work on your endurance.

On the left is the weight corner, where you can work on your biceps, triceps, back muscles and abs. The only downside here that there is only one of every machine; so there can be long waits. The popular machines are continuously busy, such as the one for abs. There is also a little bar where you can buy healthy snacks and drinks, weight loss products and supplements for enhanced performance.

The best part of the gym is without a doubt the locker rooms. A nice jasmine scent fills the air in the dimly lit space. Ultimate relaxation can be accomplished here by taking a session in the sauna or steam room. After that, you can relax your aching muscles in the jacuzzi.

On your first visit, a personal trainer will take some tests with you and set up a personal training session. If you’re unsure about anything, the very friendly staff are always around to help you out.

Gold’s is not the cheapest chain in town. Despite being a mini-branch, the gym's membership prices are not that affordable. The best deal is to subscribe for a one-year Gold’s membership, which will cost you 4700LE and give you access to the gym and all group classes, as well as twelve personal training sessions, one month of nutrition and a free massage. The basic one-year membership costs 3900LE and includes three personal training sessions. You can also subscribe for six months for 2900LE or take a three-month subscription for 1700LE. One month at the gym will set you back 790LE.

This Gold’s Gym branch comes at a price, but with some devotion and persistence from your own side you can get absolute value for your money. Enjoy your workout!