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Invotis: Cairo's Coolest Gadget & Knick-Knack Shop
Published On: 23/10/2016

Among the things that Cairo seems to have in excess are the shops where you can find a mishmash of random-yet- handy products; be it home accessories, stationery or even gadgets. While many of them have the advantage of humble prices, the offered products are either of questionable quality, or lacking in taste design wise. With the belief that design and quality are equally important, Invotis was established in 1995 in Holland as a design company selling its products online, before it opened many branches worldwide, including here in Egypt, where we checked out the Americana Plaza branch. Mainly dependant on the eye-catching products it has, the shop's setting is minimal and clean-cut with white tables and shelves. Painted in white as well were the walls, on which a number of clocks varying in shape and size were hung. Transparent but for its black centre and rim, we found a minimalistic, medium-sized round clock, which would fit in any modern setting (300LE). Of the same shape was a smaller one that had a black and white photograph of a pug puppy (100-LE) imprinted on its face; although some may find it cute, for us it was just corny. Moving to a less safe option, we found a quirky time piece that can add uniqueness to your kitchen; a relatively small clock, whose face is the body of a tin can, and has a hand whisk for a pendulum. Not as quirky, yet functional, were a number of wall-mounted, multi frames that can be useful for those who like to keep their memories before their eyes. Made of MDF or metal, the frames were all simple in design; one of them consisted of 12 separate metal frames attached to each other to give an abstract shape (520LE), and another made of MDF that can take 9 Photos of different sizes within the rectangular-shaped frame (630LE). Although we liked the idea of the multi frames, those prices made saving memories in one's heart a better option. Still browsing through home accessories, we found a white candle holder with the shape of a giraffe's torso, with a place for the candle where the head is (39LE). In the same corner with the price of 49LE was a glow-in-the-dark model of a melted candle placed on a vintage candle plate. While we found the first of actual function -in addition to being cleverly designed- we thought the latter was rather useless if the lights are out, despite being an interesting-looking piece. Among other intriguing products was a door stopper that has the shape of a gold ingot (290LE), a piece which we considered the jackpot of the shop; it's both functional and attention grabbing. Besides having a variety of home accessories, Invotis boasts a wide range of stationery items like pens, backpacks and even laptop skins. From the latter, we found a number of 15' laptop skins (28LE each), including pictures of human upper torsos dressed in a bikini top or a tux. Though funny, we don't recommend going to a meeting with any of them. All in all, whether you are looking for a unique piece to liven up your space or an unorthodox gift for someone special, we totally recommend paying a visit to Invotis. And even if you happen to come across the shop, walk in and take a look, and you will be equally impressed.


Abu Auf: Cairo's Ultimate House of Nuts Revisited
Published On: 16/10/2016

We believe that no matter how strict one's diet is, there will always be a room for a snack. And though the broad sense of the word suggests many deliciously sinful choices, some of them can be equally delicious and healthy; like nuts. With 'Leb we Soudany' being Cairenes' all-time favourites, a local roastery can be found at every corner. While many of them have a decent range, only a few take it to the next level in offering more than just the basic form of roasted nuts. One of those few places is Abu Auf, which not only offers nuts in all shapes, forms and flavours, but also has a variety of sweets and health-conscious food products. Over a year ago, we paid the place a visit in Brazil Street branch; despite being impressed by the quality and the quantity of Abu Auf's products, we couldn't help but notice how inconveniently small the branch was. So when we came across the other branch that was recently opened in Taha Hussein Street, we weren't able to resist getting in to see how it looks from inside. Once we walked in, we noticed how daylight coming from the two large windows complemented the already-delightful interior, with its white walls and wooden shelves. Well-organised, the shop is divided into two compartments. The first comprises a fridge for raw nuts, and a display for the roasted selection. Four or five pounds more expensive than the raw nuts, Abu Auf boasts a variety of salted and flavoured roasted nuts, from which we opted for BBQ-flavoured almonds (26LE for 100gm), which were fresh, crisp and full of flavour. Not entirely satisfied by the salted pecans (42LE for 100gm), fresh as they were, they were too salty for our liking. The other compartment had a variety of health-conscious products, Lebanese sweets and a coffee station. In addition to sage tea (17LE per pack), we found different brands of green coffee -ranging from 25LE to 120LE- which is believed to be a supplement for weight loss. And for those who like to replace rice with quinoa, Abu Auf has both red and white quinoa starting from 56LE per pack. Moving to the shop's considerably less healthy items; we couldn't resist trying Abu Auf's Lebanese sweets. The pistachio malban was outstanding; pleasantly chewy, with a crunch of pistachio here and there. Equally delicious, we found the marzipan exquisite, especially that they added cardamom to it. The only thing we were not big fans of was their costly price, which is 240LE per Kilo, though you can still buy per piece (10LE). Saving the best for last, we stood in awe in front of the coffee station, where we asked for some medium roast coffee with spices. The shop assistant suggested their best seller, Gold coffee beans (174LE per kilo), whose powerful aroma enticed us to try it as soon as we got home. We can easily say that Abu Auf has the best coffee in town; spicy, dense and refreshing. Now we know where to turn to when we want freshly-ground coffee -in other words, we acquired another expensive habit. With prices being the only disadvantage of Abu Auf, we fell for Abu Auf's plan to empty our pockets with its delicious product – we only wanted to see what the new place looked like.


Boutique 17: More Than Just Another Fashion Boutique in Zamalek
Published On: 28/09/2016

Rapidly spreading around the city like wildfire, fashion boutiques seem to be the business 'en vogue' these days; online shopping accounts on Instagram and Facebook may have made shopping an effortless experience, but nothing beats shopping in the old-fashioned way. Though an area like Zamalek is already packed with some of the best fashion boutiques in Cairo, including Boutique 51 and Boho Gallery for example, it seems like there's still room for more to quench the never-ending thirst of fashion hunters – and it goes by the name of Boutique 17. Located on the quiet street of Ahmed Heshmat, the relatively small shop is well organised, making it easy to shuffle through its items, which were distributed roughly according to their colour palette. Naturally, the first piece that caught our attention was of flashy coral hue; a casual short-sleeved oversized shirt, colourfully embroidered in the centre of the back (405LE), which would work well either on a pair of skinny jeans, or as a playful cover-up on the beach. Being essential in any wardrobe, Boutique 17 has a rack entirely dedicated to the life-saving neutral tones of black, white and gray. This rack was mainly displaying cardigans in different shapes and lengths; we liked a long white one made of lace (700LE) that would be perfect for a chic outing, as well as a more formal sleeveless black cardigan that resembles a trench coat (400LE). Also displayed were a number of simple formal blouses, including a long-sleeves white blouse with a navy blue rim on the front shaping the outline of a vest and a white bow on the side (700LE(; a piece that could easily liven up a formal outfit, because it's subtle without being boring or plain. Other than that, we also found a dark green blouse made of pure silk for (600LE) and a dark blue top with puffy sleeves and tribal embellishment on the V-shaped neck (850LE). Boutique 17 also has a limited range of sandals and bags, along with a collection of hot shorts ranging up to 400LE. Clearly, prices don't make Boutique 17 a shop that you step out of with a bag full of clothes, but with brands like Ella Luna and Motel, which can't be easily found here in Egypt – whether on Instagram or your average fashion boutique – Boutique 17 is certainly a place where you can grab yourself a unique piece of quality and glamour.


Weddings in Cairo: 8 Wedding Dress Designers Every Bride-To-Be Should Know
Published On: 23/08/2016

Putting together the perfect wedding is an intricate process.You of course have to have a good photographer, great catering, entertainment that all will enjoy and an ideal venue. But ask any bride and she'll tell you that the most important thing is the wedding dress. Considering the fact that you'll be shelling out a four or five figure number for a dress that you will wear for only one day, it's a decision that can't be taken lightly. Choosing the right wedding dress is one of the hardest decisions any bride to be will have to make, but if you're looking for quality and creativity, look no further than these eight recommendations. Deana Shabaan With wedding dresses that are inspired by ancient Arabian, Indian, Grecian and Victorian influences, Shabaan's collection offers one-of-a-kind wedding gowns that promises every bride a majestic glow of her own. Check out more of Deana Shabaan's designs here. Sherine Hussien Graduated from the Fashion and Design Center (FDC) in Egypt, Sherine Hussein has her own fashion line under her name. If you are a bride looking for simple wedding gowns with a touch of elegance, then head to Cairo Boutique where you can find Hussien's unconventional collection. You can also find some of her work oon her Facebook page. Nesma Helmy Despite having a degree in science, 33 years old fashion designer, Nesma Helmy, has been conquering the fashion industry in Egypt with her custom-made bridal gowns and ready-to-wear collection. Styling many renowned celebrities, Nesma Helmy has her own boutique in Maadi. Check out her official Facebook page for more. Yasmine Yeya Who said a wedding dress should be white? With Maison Yeya tanding as possibly the biggest names in bridal fashion in Egypt, Yasmine Yeya's creative wedding dresses blend tradional whites with other soft colors to create bold yet chic gowns. Find out more on the Maison Yeya Facebook page and website. Shay's Couture Getting her diploma from the Italian Fashion Academy, Egyptian fashion designer, Shaimaa Maher, founded Shay's Couture on the concept of making a personal, unique mark on each dress she designs. Check out some of her work here. Amany El Cherif Creating magic one gown at a time, Amany El Cherif's bridal gown collection perfectly blends the bold and the elegant. Bringing chic back by embellishing her designs, El Cherif makes sure every bride get the look of her dreams on her special day. Check out more Amany El Cherif designs here. Malak El Ezzawy Defying the constraints of symmetry in many of her bolder pieces, a statement-making dress is what Malak El Ezzawy promises you on your wedding day. With high quality fabrics that come from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, New York and Paris, El Ezzawy's custom-made gowns have a soft elegance to them - which you can find on her Facebook page. Hadil Ali Out with the old, in with the new (and eccentric), is seemingly Hadil Ali's approach. Creating the prettiest and most memorable wedding gowns around, Ali brings her artistic eye to every gown she makes. Recommended Reading: -10 Wedding Planners in Egypt That Can Make Your Dream Wedding into a Reality -10 Photographers That Will Make Your Wedding Day Memorable -10 Alternative Wedding Venues That'll Add a Touch of Magic to Your Big Day -10 Makeup Artists Every Bride Should Hire (All photos courtesy of their respective owners)


Life Hacks: 8 Supermarket Foods You Can Use For Something Other Than Eating
Published On: 28/07/2016

Our kitchens are packed with foods that have so much more use than for eating. That might be a strange idea in itself, but some are even more useful as powerful tools to use around the house than they are in cooking - people often forget that the food properties that are either have a negative or positive impact on our bodies, also effect other things. From fashioning an ant killer solution out of pepper, to using mayonnaise as a moisturiser, here are eight foods whose uses around the house are just as effective as they are on your plate. Peanut Butter as...Glue Remover Besides acting as a source of vitamin E, magnesium and potassium, peanut butter is also a great gum and glue remover. Just let it sit for a few minutes on any gum or glue covered surface and its natural oils will help in loosening the sticky texture and easily wash it all away. Cayenne Pepper as...Ant Repellent Ants hate the smell of cayenne peppers, so the next time you find a line of ants marching at home, just sprinkle the pepper around them. You can also make a cayenne pepper solution where you pour hot water on a couple of sliced cayenne peppers then leave for 24 hours before you remove the peppers and use the solution. Coffee grounds as...Odor Remover Whether its your hands or your clothes, coffee grounds can kill malodorous smells by simply rubbing some ground coffee on your hands or placing them near the source of the bad smell and it will absorb the odors right away and leave a pleasant smell of coffee. Ketchup as...Polisher Love it or hate it on your food, ketchup can be used to polish copper and silverware and accessories. By applying ketchup in smooth and circular motions and letting it sit there for a couple of minutes before wiping it off with a wet cloth, your flatware will look good as new. Eggs as...Hair Conditioner Being an essential ingredient in baking and cooking, eggs play multiple roles outside of the kitchen as well. Egg yolks make for efficient hair masks that moisturise your hair as well as preventing hair-loss, whereas the whites mixed with honey make excellent facial masks that help in tightening and toning the skin. Olive Oil as...Lubricant Olive oil can be used as a lubricant for squeaky and creaky hinges, simply because of its slippery texture. It can also be useful in polishing furniture by mixing two parts olive oil with one part lemon juice and gently rubbing the solution in circular motion with a cloth for a polished look. Lemon Juice as...Cleaner Lemon juice is an excellent replacement for cleaners for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Make your own lemon juice cleaner and spray it on top of dirty spots then let it sit there for a couple of minutes before washing it off with a damp piece of cloth. Mayonnaise as...Moisturiser It's beach season in Egypt and so sunburn is an issue that many will face. A quick and easy solution is gently rubbing mayonnaise over your sunburn; it will cool your skin as it acts as a natural skin moisturiser.


Ramadan in Cairo 2016: 10 Shops Selling Awesome Ramadan Decorations
Published On: 09/06/2016

There are few more festive times in Egypt than Ramadan; it's a time that sees friends and family come together over fetar and sohour – whether you like it or not. Bubbling feelings of frustration towards extended family aside, though, you're quite likely to be expecting guests over the next few days for a typical Ramadan feast – followed by small-talk and typical Ramadan antakha. Some like to keep things simple when hosting guests, while others like to really put on a show. Whether you like to keep dinner parties and gatherings casual, or completely and utterly over-the-top, these ten shops across Cairo can provide you with everything you need to build your own Ramadan fortress… American Balloons With one of the biggest collection of Ramadan decorations in Cairo this year, American Balloons in Maadi will definitely transform any room, thanks to a huge variety ranging from lanterns of all shapes and sizes, to basic boxes and eve cute, festive canon-models Bingo Gifts and Toys Established since 1996, Bingo Gifts & Toys has been the game for some time and stocks have a wide array of Ramadan decorations such as lantern lampshades, Kedert Fool (the large pot of beans), coloured cushions inspired by the Islamic motifs and lots more. Blueberry Gift Shop Located in Heliopolis, as well as Manial, Bluberry Gift Shop is packed with more unique items, including beautifully coloured stainless steel lanterns, to colourful mus'haf and their custom made Ramadan bouquets. Candle Connection Candle Connection is offering something unique this year with its Ramadan candles and candle holders, which comee in round and square shapes with Islamic motifs on them. They seem simple, but when lit, look great – perfect for late-night, chilled hangouts. Dokan Dapicture Besides the traditional Ramadan decorations such as lanterns, poufs and cushions, Dokan Dapicture – which delivers – create small sculptures for El Mesaharaty (the guy who wakes up people at sohour time) and Tannoura dancers as well as other sculptures that can add quirky touches. The Gift Box Taking Ramadan decorations to a completely new level, the gift box provides bespoke Ramadan themed home accessories such as Ramadan hand towels, sheets and tablecloth. The place also provides home delivery service. La Baleine Nasr City's La Baleine has it all; from Boogie and Tamtam pillows and lanterns, to foul and Hummus Al Sham cart. With La Baleine, you can order your decorations through their Facebook page and they will deliver it to your doorstep within two days. Pink for Gifts & Toys Offering a beautiful collection of vintage lanterns, Pink in Heliopolis also provides hanging Ramadan decoration for the famous characters such Bakkar and Fatoota as well as other more demure ornaments. Sugar Gift Shop With thirteen branches across Egypt, Sugar offers a number of versatile and varied decorative items. Their Ramadan collection includes everything from Ramadan candles and lanterns, to handicraft canons, plus their creative Ramadan wrapping adds a nice touch. Tatto Tatti One of the most unique shops in Nasr City, Tatto Tatti, is home to some quirky handmade Ramadan decorations that often bring together the kitsch and the cool – think Ramadan meets bohemia. Happy Ramadan!


Mall of Arabia to Announce Grand Prize Winner as Jurassic Shopping Festival Wraps Up
Published On: 04/06/2016

In the annals of Earth's history, nothing quite captures the imagination like dinosaurs. Whether it's blockbuster movies, or even an educational, purple T-Rex, there's a certain intangible magic to it all – something that Mall of Arabia have channelled in spectacular style over the last month with the Jurassic Shopping Festival. While a dinosaur isn't the first things you'd pair with shopping, Mall of Arabia's Jurassic Shopping Festival has ad shoppers at the 6th of October City Mall were treated to a host of special offers, competitions and, of course dinosaurs. The festival saw 11 blinking, moving dinosaur replicas dotted around the spacious shopping centre that were a hit with kids (and adults!) alike. Many customers have also been taking part in the festival's Spin the Wheel game; shopping for 500LE at any store gave shoppers the chance to win vouchers and discounts at shops and restaurants around the mall – on Mondays, though – called 'Gold Mondays' – the Shop, Spin & Win offer's prizes even included gold coins. That's not the only chance customers got a chance to win with the Jurassic Shopping Festival, however; Tuesday's Selfie El Dinosaur promotion gave people the chance at a free spin by simply taking a selfie with one of the 11 dinosaurs and using the #SelfeElDinosaur hashtag, while on Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Cash Arabia gave put 1000LE vouchers up for grabs. The big prize, though, has been the brand new KIA Carens that has been up for grabs; each spinner has been put into a raffle draw, which will be announced on June 4th. For more information on Mall of Arabia and the Jurassic Shopping Festival, click here.


The Cairo 360 Editors' Choice Awards 2016: Floristry & Floral Design Award Winners
Published On: 25/05/2016

There's pretty much a florist on every corner of Cairo these days and Cairenes have no qualms in marking an occasion with an over-the-top bouquet of flowers. More than just a token gift for the mother-in-law or angry wife, wedding season is when the city's best florists shine. But while flowers are an easy way to add a little shine to any occasion, the Cairo 360 Editors' Choice Award winners in the category of Floristry & Floral Design, we have a group that stands petals above the rest with a rare quality and flair. Bellissimo Though Bellissimo can be rightly considered something of a full-on event planner that can help you with everything from researching themes, to booking photographers, it's the shops expert versatile service in floral design that makes it one of the best florists in Cairo. Box of Roses Creativity is at the heart of Box of Roses' growing popularity in Heliopolis and beyond. With some truly brilliant flower-based gift packages, the shop has also garnered a loyal following for the fantastic service and staff. Fleurinjy Maadi florist, Fleurinjy, has been on many a speed-dial for some time now as a go-to for flower-appropriate occasions. With a variety of floristry options fit for all occasions, the shop is also one of the best when it comes to promptness. Flower Power Having begun life in a small shop in New Cairo Flower Power's often stunning floral arrangements has seen it expand to be one of the most popular florists in the city, thanks to its clean, modern approach that isn't afraid to keep things simple and chic. Khadra A gardening enthusiast's haven, Khadra in Sheikh Zayed sells everything from herbs to tree and has been championing green-living vehemently, while also offering a more wholesome approach to floristry fuelled by its love of the great outdoors. Outside In Described as 'Floral Design Gallery', Outside In stands out from the rest of the category winners for one reason: it sells artificial flowers, not real ones. While most fake foliage often looks cheap, Outside In's arrangements make for some outstanding, and lasting, interior decor pieces. Touch of Flower Despite offering everything from entertainment booking to dance-floor instillations as part of its event-planning exploits, the way Touch of Flower applies its already excellent floral designs to other elements of an event have made them popular amongst newly-weds. For more on the 2016 Cairo 360 Editors' Choice Awards, click here, where you can find all of this year's winners.


The Cairo 360 Editors' Choice Awards 2016: Specialist Foods Award Winners
Published On: 24/05/2016

If, like us, you find an intangible kind of joy in food shopping, then you'll have noticed that supermarkets and food shops have become more niche and specialised across Cairo. While the more local, modest markets in the city are fine for your essentials, more and more venues are bringing exotic foods and ingredients catering to Egypt's ever-expanding appreciation of the finer things in life – but specifically the finer things in food. In the 2016 Cairo 360 Editors' Choice Award winners in Specialist Foods category, we have a small selection that not only stocks unique, sometimes obscure, foods, but boast quality and service to the highest degree. Abu Auf In the lead-up to Ramadan, many have bemoaned how expensive nuts and yameesh are, but if you're looking for top quality, look no further than the top nuts and dried-fruits chain, Abu Auf. Butcher's House While you can get almost anything delivered in Cairo, no one could have predicted that a deliver-only butcher would open one of these days. It did in the form of Butcher's House, and it quickly gathered a loyal customer-base for its top quality meats. Dina Farms Having started life as a modest food producer, Dina Farms now stands as a household name as a grocery store and supermarket, thanks to its fresh, quality foods and reasonable prices. Gourmet Egypt Home to some of the most satisfying food shopping trips you're likely to experience in Cairo, Gourmet Egypt still stands top of the pile when it comes to gourmet foods and ingredients. House of Cocoa Depending on your level of self-control, House of Cocoa is either the greatest thing to happen to chocolate lovers, or the source of a crippling chocolate addiction. Either way, it boasts chocolate products like no other. Imtenan Popular for its huge variety in nutritional products, it's the natural foods available at Imtenan that have earned the chain an award; from organic honeys and obscure teas, to spice and herbs, it's difficult not to be sucked into the world of Imtenan. Ma7ali Deli-come-organic-grocer, Ma7ali, has been a hit with residents in Maadi, offering delicious house-cured meats and a range of quirky, organically-made products. Wadi Food A name you'll find plastered on many a product across supermarkets, Wadi Food's own outlets have proven to be valuable additions to Cairo, thanks to a consistent stream of quality goods. For more on the 2016 Cairo 360 Editors' Choice Awards, click here, where you can find all of this year's winners.


The Cairo 360 Editors' Choice Awards 2016: Books & Entertainment Award Winners
Published On: 24/05/2016

In terms of books, stationery, games and entertainment, Cairo has never been served more emphatically in these domains than now. With top, local bookshop chains continuing to expand, more and more independent bookshops opening, the pursuit of the printed word has never been easier, with smaller, local publishing houses finding an avenue to readers and the best literature from around the world doing likewise. The same goes for games and entertainment; gaming culture has become more sophisticated and facilitated more and easier access and involvement. The below winners, then, are the shops and venues that have helped develop these areas for Cairenes with quality, consistency and, occasionally, creativity. Al Kotob Khan (Books & Stationery Award) Sporting an atmosphere that resembles something more of a library-come-study space, Al Kotob Khan's wide collections and welcoming nature has made it one of the most popular bookshops in Cairo. Alef Bookstore (Books & Stationery Award) Having just opened a new branch in London, Alef Bookstore has risen to prominence in the last few years as one of the best bookshop chains in Egypt. Alwan (Books & Stationery Award) A go-to for artists across Cairo, Alwan stands as possibly the top stationery and art supplies chains in the city, boasting a huge variety of items. Bakier (Books & Stationery Award) With branches in Heliopolis, Maadi and 6th of October City, local stationer, Bakier, also offers you the chance to shop online for its huge variety of products. Diwan (Books & Stationery Award) Founded by sisters, Hind & Nadia Wassef, back in 2002, Down is without doubt the most popular bookshop chain in Egypt. Fourteen years on since its opening, it has evolved into a hub of culture and literature. El Maayergy Stationery (Books & Stationery Award) Founded in 1983, El Maayergy Stationery has plenty of pedigree behind it and offers a huge variety of stationery goods at reasonable prices. International Book Center (Books & Stationery Award) Unlike the other winners in this category the International Book Center in Heliopolis has come to be a an influential institution in education, opening up the world of books to a wider, and younger, audience. Lehnert & Landrock (Books & Stationery Award) Bookshop, gallery, publishing house, treasure cove of history; there's nothing quite like Downtown Cairo's Lehnert & Landrock, which houses unique, one-of-a-kind books, as well as stunning photography prints and other knick-knacks. Maktoob Bookstore (Books & Stationery Award) Selling books for as little as 5LE and boasting a borrowing system not dissimilar to a library, Maktoob Bookstore in Zamalek is modest in every way, but has become one of the most unique book-pedlars of its kind. Samir & Ali (Books & Stationery Award) As a household name in stationery, there's a pleasing no-frills approach about Samir & Ali that highlights its quality, varied goods – a go-to for stationery if there ever was one. Shorouk Bookstore (Books & Stationery Award) Standing as one of the most popular bookshops in Cairo, there's not much in the way of Arabic-language books at Shorouk, where regular pen discussions, launches and workshops also take place. Kryptonite (Games & Entertainment Award) Stacked to the brim with comics and other collectibles, there's a bit of a cult to Kryptonite, which pays testament to its role in bringing all things geeky to the masses. Play N Trade (Games & Entertainment Award) Video game culture in Cairo has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years (with local developers emerging) and Play N Trade's range of games and other relevant miscellaneous products have made them a leader in the field. Super Stash (Games & Entertainment Award) Touted as a 'haven for hobbyists', New Cairo's Super Stash is as much of a place for a meeting-of-minds; stocking everything from comic books, to vinyl records, the quirky shop also hosts events and discussions – a unique venue in every sense. For more on the 2016 Cairo 360 Editors' Choice Awards, click here, where you can see all of this year's winners.


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