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Tuscany Pasta Grill: Cosy Ambiance & Tasty, if Imperfect, Food at New Cairo's Patio
Published On: 20/07/2016

The last five years have witnessed the opening of dozens of dining complexes that have redefined dining in Cairo. The newest dining zone to open comes in the form of Patio in New Cairo, where we visited new self-proclaimed pasta and grill specialist, Tuscany. Located at the second floor, Tuscany boasts an Italian countryside feel with colour-stained glass, pergolas and low-hanging lanterns defining the indoor area. The outdoor area maintains the Italian countryside atmosphere, but with a more rustic feel thanks to stone clad walls as well as wooden chairs and tables. After taking our seats, we were greeted with a welcome bread basket with olive oil and cheese dip. Coming in three colors – beige, orange and green – the crunchy bread worked \well with the savoury cheese dip and was a great start for our meal to come. After going over the elaborate menu, we went with the Spicy Potato Skillet (45LE) as an appetiser and Smoked Turkey Chicken (70LE) and Triple Sauce Steak (120LE) as our mains, alongside some Italian Soda with Watermelon (23LE) and Strawberry Milkshake (20LE). Fifteen minutes later, our appetiser arrived in a sizzling hot skillet bursting with aromas and herbal scents. Comprised of cubes of roasted potato covered with minced beef and topped with a blanket of gooey cheese, the potatoes had a delightful herby flavour which worked well with the rest of the ingredients of the dish. The skillet was extremely hot, which gave the minced beef a smoky aftertaste that integrated well with the spiciness and sharpness of the cheese. Moving onto the mains, the smoked turkey chicken came with a side of French fries, as well fettuccini pasta with cheddar cheese sauce. Unfortunately, with the two fried chicken breasts stuffed with turkey and cheddar cheese, and then topped with even more cheese, the cheese flavour overpowered almost everything except the chicken and gave the turkey a slight aftertaste. The fettucine pasta, on the other hand, was well cooked and drenched in a gooey melted cheddar cheese and covered in cheese shavings which worked well with the overall taste, though it was a bit heavy. The fries were a nice complementary side though it didn't bring anything unique to the plate. Comprised of four pieces of well-done steak each drenched in one of gorgonzola cheese, pepper, barbecue and mushroom sauces, the steak was grilled to perfection/ The gorgonzola cheese sauce gave the beef a distinct taste that was both savoury and aromatic, while the pepper sauce had an overpowering spiciness to it that worked well with the beef; meanwhile, the barbecue sauce gave a tangy backdrop and the mushroom sauce had a savoury aftertaste. However, a side rice that came with the dish had minimal seasoning and was a little dry. With a hint of watermelon and a dash of cream, the Italian soda was refreshing and worked well with our plates, as for the Strawberry milkshake, it had a milky texture with a syrupy flavor leaving a strawberry aftertaste after every sip. For our dessert we ordered the Nutella and Hazelnuts Pizza (60LE) which came as a medium-sized pizza with a thin crust topped by Nutella along with some crushed hazelnuts, coconut shavings and powdered sugar. Though it looked quite promising, the pizza had a disappointingly chewy crust as it was chewy that was just as difficult to cut as it was to bite and chew. As a whole our visit to Tuscany was quite pleasant. Though some flavours fell short – especially the Nutella pizza - we enjoyed the cosiness of the restaurant and we can definitely see the potential in its dishes. Does it present anything new or unique? No, not really, but it has the potential to be a solid favourite amongst diners.


Blaze: New Cairo's Point 90 Mall Welcomes Popular Restaurant Chain
Published On: 13/07/2016

With a slew of malls opening in New Cairo, it was only a matter of time before some of the city's most popular restaurant chains began branching out to one of the capital's most booming districts – one of which is Blaze. With two venues under their belt already, one in Nozha and the other Mohandiseen, the chain's newest branch is at deep in the heart of New Cairo, at Point 90 Mall, opposite AUC's main entrance. Despite a strangely small, almost nonexistent indoor area, the restaurant takes over a large outdoor area and still offered a cosy setting with sofas matched with chairs to form a relaxing and inviting lounge feel. We opted for the boneless Buffalo wings (40LE) and the Texas Chilli fries (45 LE) as appetisers; accompanied by blue cheese sauce, the eleven ball shaped chicken wings were drenched with tangy buffalo sauce which had a mild spiciness to it, giving a great contrast to the blue cheese sauce. The chicken itself, meanwhile, had soaked up all the sauce, making it tender and juicy. The Texas Chilli fries came in the form of queso cheese and minced beef covering French fries on a hot skillet; however, the queso cheese had an overpowering taste rendering the minced beef almost tasteless and the fries were soggy. For our main dishes, we decided on the Cordon bleu (69LE), and the Fajita Trio (79LE), the former of which was was delightful; coming as two huge breaded chicken breasts stuffed with smoked turkey and cheese over a bed of mushroom sauce, the chicken had a satisfyingly crunchy exterior, contrasted by a tender interior. The cheese was bursting with flavour and it all came to the backdrop of a good mushroom sauce, making it a very memorable dish. Although well-seasoned, the side of rice that came with the dish didn't work well with the diced tomatoes and cheese shavings it was topped by; the cheese's sharp, red cheddar flavour and the tanginess of the tomatoes overpowered the subtle essence of the rice, which forced us to scrape it off for a better experience. Coming on a hot skillet, the fajita trio featured grilled slices of beef, chicken and shrimp sat on top of a mix of grilled bell peppers and onions which enhanced the aroma and flavour. The dish came with Spanish rice and a plate of sour cream, pico de galio, cheese and tortilla bread for a true Tex-Mex experience. Sharing the same distinct Mexican inspired flavour, the beef, chicken and shrimp had an earthy saltiness to them that gave the dish an extra punch, mixing well with what was a reddish coloured Spanish rice that was flavourful and spicy, all while having a zesty aftertaste. We also tried the restaurant's Oreo and Strawberry Cheesecake milkshakes (29LE each). Coming in cubic jar-like glass containers, the milkshakes certainly looked appealing. Boasting a very smooth, thick texture, the Oreo milkshake, while topped with whip cream, had a grainy element to it – because of the crushed Oreos – giving an authentic taste. As for the strawberry cheesecake milkshake, it had a familiar strawberry syrup aftertaste – which is not a bad thing – while still retaining a thick, smooth melted ice cream texture that was both refreshing and satisfying. We ended our meal with the French toast banana (32LE) which came as two French toasts sandwiching and topped by slices of banana, caramel and Nutella, with a couple of scoops of soft vanilla ice cream on top. With a crunchy exterior and messy, gooey centre, the flavours all worked well without overpowering each other making it a surprisingly balanced and delicious dessert With attentive and friendly staff, a cosy setting and well-executed food, Blaze is a excellent addition to the ever-growing fleets of restaurants in New Cairo, as the chain continues to grow in popularity.


Earthly Delights: Proof That Food Can be Vegan & Tasty at the Same Time
Published On: 12/07/2016

The vegan community often jokes about the different types of vegans. The two most popular stereotypes are those of the 'healthy vegan' and the 'junk food vegan'. If you're the first kind, you were probably drawn to veganism for its health benefits as well as ethics and are obsessed with smoothies, quinoa/rice bowls, kale and clean raw desserts. The second kind are usually drawn to the vegan lifestyle mainly for ethical reasons and don't really care much for the nutrition labels on food packages. These vegans are most likely to read articles in order to find accidentally vegan foods (did you know Oreos are vegan?) and typically survive on a diet of soy chicken nuggets, fries and twizzlers. In reality, most vegans fall somewhere in between these two clichés. As people who have had their fair share of tasty vegan cuisine (both healthy and junky), we were very pleasantly surprised by Earthly Delight's frozen home delivery options. In a country where it's not easy to find vegan or even vegetarian options at restaurants or catering services, Earthly Delights, the home delivery service operated by the previous owner of the Vegan Kitchen, is certainly a saviour for many. While most natural veggie burgers don't do the best job of imitating meat, the Earthly Delights burger (110LE for a pack of four patties), made up primarily of lentils and mushrooms, had a wonderful savoury flavour, and was a great imitation of a traditional burger patty, but with that wholesome twist. Texture wise, when baked the right amount of time (slightly crispy on both sides but not burnt), it has the consistency of a medium to medium-rare burger at one of Cairo's many gourmet burger restaurants. Besides being tasty, they were also a very decent size and made for a very visually pleasing burger. For us, the burger was perfect with Earthly Delights melting vegan cheese (more on that later) and our own additions of lettuce, and tomato. The doughy gluten free burger buns (58LE), meanwhile, were a great option for those who are gluten intolerant. They may have been a little too thick for the burgers, making it a bit difficult to get everything in one bite, but would be perfect if cut into thinner slices. The melting vegan cheese (80LE) was certainly a huge surprise. Cashew cheeses usually come in the form of a spread, almost the same consistency as cream cheese but slightly thicker. Most vegan cheeses that melt similarly to regular cheese are usually much more artificial and include ingredients that a regular person won't recognise or even pronounce. This melting cashew cheese, however, had an ingredient list as simple and as unsuspicious as the rest of Earthly Delight's products - and it really did melt! When heated on the stove, it formed a wonderful thick, gooey consistency which was absolutely mind-blowing when drenched on top of the burger patty. The vegan pizza (58LE) was simple yet delicious, using homemade marinara sauce, the melting vegan cheese and some herbs. The crust was gluten free, of course, and had a wonderful crispy texture. The pizza itself had a very classic flavour and was very easy to alter to our tastes. Before baking it in the oven, we added some chopped mushrooms, onions and tomatoes. While it was definitely a bit too small, it was a decent size for one person. The pesto sauce (45LE, produced by KAJU but is on the Earthly Delights menu and delivered through them) was exactly what one expects and hopes for. There's not much to say about it besides that it was a perfectly classic pesto and was wonderful when used as a dip with some toasted bread. For dessert, the chococo truffles (58LE, also produced by KAJU) were a wonderful treat, despite being small in portion. Though noticeably different in flavour to traditional chocolate truffles, as one takes the time to chew it, they find a mixture of rich flavours; the dark chocolate taste paired with the dates and coconut was superb. While the food was pricey, one can't really expect less from a catering service which offers all vegan and gluten free options with natural ingredients in Egypt. We received a good amount of food to last us for a few days. While the portion sizes were not huge, it was a good amount for a gathering or for one person if they want a few meals for the week. Overall, Earthly Delights offers quality vegan food, using ingredients any healthy vegan would love with the dining experience of a junk food vegan. They create 'naughty' foods such as pizza and burgers which are actually deceivingly healthy and delicious, made with completely plant based and clean ingredients and are easy to keep and prepare. Photo: Earthly Delights/Facebook


Garbi: Great Greek Eats at Dokki Restaurant
Published On: 11/07/2016

Opening a new restaurant in central areas like Dokki and Mohandiseen these days is a bold move. While 6 of October City and New Cairo are the Cairo's new dining-centres, the hustle and bustle of central Cairo – and the lack of parking spots – isn't exactly conducive to a relaxing dining experience. That hasn't seemed to deter Greek cuisine specialist, Garbi, located near the Shooting Club in Dokki, however. Divided into two indoor spaces, white is the main theme of whole place with small touches of grey, wood, greens. One of the indoor areas seems a little gloomy, but boasts a relaxing ambiance and we loved the grey patterned chairs. The other, meanwhile, is much more bright and cheerful, thanks to the eye catching glass ceiling with a shattered texture, the white bricks walls and the huge flat screen TVs surrounded by greens. With a decent variety of food, we had to go with the Greek classics. We started our meal with Bifteki (38LE) as an appetiser, and for the mains we went with Fourno Kotopoulo (72LE) and Souvlaki Kreatos (85LE). Served in their outstanding pita bread, the Bifteki might best be described a Greek-style sliders and boasted some interesting flavours, despite not being filled with feta cheese as is the norm. The perfectly seasoned juicy patties were complemented by a delicious combination of sweet caramelised onions, which worked perfectly with the tzatziki sauce, and thinly sliced tomato to add some freshness. Moving to the mouth-watering Fourno Kotopoulo, this tajine of tender grilled chicken cutlets smothered with creamy spinach mixture with bold garlic, olives, and red onion flavours was definitely the star of the meal. Despite the side of white rice being very bland in taste, it was a fantastic dish overall. The same goes for the Souvlaki Kreatos – two grilled beef skewers with tzatziki-drizzled vegetables lying on fluffy pita bread. Aside from the beef being a little overcooked and chewy, it was super flavourful and, let's just say, that kids won't be complaining about eating grilled vegetables if it's always seasoned like that. Again, though, it was served with bland white rice. We couldn't resist trying the restaurant's 'Chicken Gyro' (48LE) – and we're glad we did. Wrapped in pita bread, the chicken was marinated well and was bursting with flavours, while the diced tomatos and onions were fresh, with the garlicky tzatziki bringing it all together. We finished our meal with Rizogalo (28LE) which is a Greek version of Rice Pudding. Topped with nuts, a dust of cinnamon and a drizzle of honey, what makes this Greek rice pudding different from Egyptian rice pudding is that it's not overly sweet, because it relies only on the honey for its sweet kick. The consistency and the texture were tender and the cinnamon was a nice surprise. Overall, despite slow service, the food was well executed, looked as good as it tasted and is an excellent example of Greek cuisine. Despite its parallels to Egyptian cuisine, Greek food is criminally under-represented in Egypt, but with Garbi on the scene and the Greek still enjoying popularity in Maadi, don't be surprised to find more Greek restaurants popping up across the city. 


Versal: Big, Wholesome Dishes at 'Country Cuisine' Restaurant in New Cairo
Published On: 10/07/2016

Identity can either be the cause of success or downfall of a restaurant. Promising to offer 'country cuisine', while also using words such as 'American' and 'traditional' to describe its menu, Versal's concept and identity are as vague as any - though it does show potential. Located in the New Patio complex in New Cairo, Versal boasts a two floor venue with a terrace. With a dominant white theme, the atmosphere imposes a relaxing feel, with a classic touch – but we were here for the food. From, burgers and chicken masala, to spicy rigatoni and fondue; Versal's menu doesn't have an obvious direction and might be considered 'international'. Undeterred, however, We started things off with Swiss Cheese Fondue (74LE), which came in the form of a small fondue pot filled with melted Swiss cheese and three small plates of potato wedges, sautéed mushrooms and pieces of Fino bread. The cheese had a smooth texture, though it was a bit watered down, which was apparent in both the taste and the consistency. The mushrooms were perfectly made and had an amazing salty aftertaste which was enhanced with the tanginess of the cheese, while the potato wedges also made for a perfect canvas for the cheese. We then opted for two house specialities; Country Chicken (74LE) with an additional Pasta side dish (10LE) and Signature Fillet (112LE) which both came in generous portions almost fifteen minutes later. Smothered in white gravy – also known as country gravy in southern American cuisine - the two breaded chicken breasts had a strong shell and crust which didn't crumble as we sliced it and inside was well-cooked and retained good seasoning, while the gravy gave an extra punch which overall made it a well-rounded dish. Drenched in rich and savoury white sauce, the pasta was delicious and well-cooked. The two pieces of beef fillet in the other dish, meanwhile, were almost hidden under a mountain of toppings - parmesan white sauce, bacon bits and sliced cherry tomatoes - giving it a bit of a messy presentation. The thin fillets were well-cooked, though, and had a great 'premium meat' taste to them, while all the toppings complimented the meat, with the bacon bits giving a smoky aftertaste which worked well with the tanginess of the cherry tomatoes. Served with the fillets, was very well-seasoned white basmati rice, while the mashed potatoes were a bit lumpy, but was covered in gravy and delivered in terms of flavour. We watered our meals with the humorously named Bob Marley (28LE) and Root Beer Float (32LE) that wasn't really a root beer float. A mixture of mango, strawberries, honey and a scoop of vanilla ice cream, the Bob Marley cocktail was refreshing, with the vanilla overpowering other flavours and giving an overly sweet taste. The Root Beer Float, on the other hand, was essentially Coke with a pinch of mint and, though the scoop of vanilla ice cream made for a great visual the cocktail was far from a root beer float. We ended the night with a recommended homemade Cheesecake, with our choice of strawberry, blueberry or Nutella sauces. Brought externally from local brand, Krem Gram, the cheesecake comes layered in individual jars and is by far one of the best cheesecakes we've had in a long time; smooth, creamy, with just the right amount of sweetness and a delightful crunchy biscuit base. And so while Versal's mishmash menu had us worried, credit is due for the quality of its dishes, which were delicious, wholesome and well-executed. But what is 'country' about its cuisine? The dishes are wholesome, generous and homely. Now it's a matter of maintaining that quality. 


For Foodies, Partygoers & the Sweet-Toothed: Four Seasons Nile Plaza Has Lots in Store This Eid...
Published On: 05/07/2016

There's a sense of playfulness that few hotels make work as well as the Four Seasons Nile Plaza. The Garden City hotel adds a liveliness to all its proceedings, while still maintaining its standing as one a peak of hospitality, luxury and dining – three things that the hotel will be serving up in great big heaps this Eid. It's been a busy month for the hotel, with Ramadan ringing through the hallways, but it's set-up the Eid celebrations perfectly. Like FSNP's Ramadan specials, the Eid celebrations have a little something for everyone – be that person a foodie, a partygoer or a kahk-addict, which is a very real situation that seems to affect many at this time of the year and can be remedied at Beymen Café, or better year, at the Lobby Lounge's daily eid Delights buffet at 150LE++. Though we like to attach food to any occasion, few are as celebratory about food as Eid El Fitr – for obvious reasons – and the hotel's restaurants are doing their part for the cause. Stunning Cantonese restaurant, 8, will be offering a special dim sum brunch – with a 'Peking duck station' – for 420LE++ per person between Wednesday 6 and Friday 8 of July, while newly renovated Zitouni, hosts a special Eid buffet for 395LE++ of Egyptian classics. From food to music, live entertainment is on the schedule for the Thursday and Friday by the pool, while the hotel's resident drink-n-dance spot, Graffiti, returns after a Ramadan sabbatical , with two special nights on Thursday and Friday. This is the full works though – dinner and show. A special set-menu for 500LE all inclusive per person is on offer, with the likes of bellydancer, Ozana, DJ Ramon, popular percussionist, Shaaban, and electric oud act, Hamdoon & Ghazal, set to perform. For more information and reservations, call 02-2791-7000. Happy Eid!


Al Khal: Flawless Family Fetar at InterContinental Citystars
Published On: 29/06/2016

Nothing can compete with a delicious homemade fetar, especially when it comes to Oriental food. But mamasin Egyptian households should look out; there is a fierce competitor on Cairo's restaurant scene serving delicious and authentically homemade food called Al Khal. Located inside Intercontinental Citystars, Al Khal is an outdoor restaurant designed as a huge pergola with a central family-like dining table below an eye-catching chandelier dividing the whole pergola into four other cosy spaces. The wooden pergola design brought the summer vibes to our visit, with curtains boasting exquisite prints, and red and blue pillows and fabric in the ceiling making the whole place colourful and complimenting the elegance of the restaurant. We were worried about the hot weather, but the whole place was like a wind catcher. Al Khal's 'Family Style Fetar' set menu (250LE per person) is very similar to their Saturday brunch (210LE) which consists of soup, salads, appetisers, tajines, main dish, Ramadan drinks and Oriental desserts. Arriving to our reserved table, we found a huge variety of salads from Besara and Hummus to Yogurt salad and Tahini were already served on our table and as soon as it was time for fetar we received a cup of orzo, beef and spices soup. With a generous amount of well-seasoned beef, the soup was your everyday orzo soup, but a generous amount of chopped parsley took the soup to a whole new level. Crowding our table with shareable appetisers and tajines which stole our hearts with outstanding flavours, we understood why they call it a 'family fetar'. Starting with lamb sausage cooked with tomato and onion, the texture of the sausage was flawless and flavours were simple but perfectly executed. The star of the meal would have to be the hawawshi which was bursting with flavours from the spices and was far from oily; we can just call it the oriental burger. The pasta with béchamel was far from disappointing, with a cheese crust on top, spot-on amount of well-seasoned minced beef and a generous amount of béchamel which is what we all ask our moms to do. The real test was the potato with kofta tajine and the okra with beef tajine served with rice. The tomato sauce –aka tasbekah- had perfect consistency, everything was cooked to perfection, but the super juicy kofta and the tender beef needed a standing ovation. Even though we were full from the appetisers and tajines, there was the rice-stuffed chicken and beef fillet. While everything was beautifully presented in their custom made tajine pot with beautiful bricks pattern, the main dish looked sloppy only that didn't affect the flavours. The beef fillet was very simple but well-executed in terms of cooking and seasoning. The same goes for the rice stuffed chicken but we felt like it had a bland taste, or maybe because the competition was on fire in the previous dishes. From Baklava and Atayef with nuts to balah el sham and kunafa with mango bites, everything was tasty and fresh but we felt it was a lazy choice because we were expecting a dessert that matches the great variety we had for fetar, like El Khal's signature Pumpkin Tajine. Al Khal succeeded in capturing the family-style fetar experience with outstanding food, a cosy ambiance and the fantastic design – we wanted to steal one of the curtains - and the super friendly staff. Overall, it's been one of our favourite fetar experiences his Ramadan.


Tamara Has Been Teaming Up with the Egyptian Food Bank and You Can Help
Published On: 29/06/2016

As one of the most popular Lebanese restaurants in Cairo all year round, Tamara Lebanese Bistro was always going to be a go-to for fetar and sohour this Ramadan – there's just something about the food of the Levant that speaks to hungry, tired Egyptians. But the restaurant is marking Ramadan with more than just its special fetar and sohour set-menus. Using the hashtag #TamaraGivesBack, every Sunday throughout the month, Tamara has been donating at least fifty full fetar meals to the Egyptian Food Bank, which has been fighting the good fight since being established in 2006, to eradicate hunger in Egypt by 2020. Each of the fifty bags includes a full-set menu, encompassing a range of different dishes. While other restaurants' Ramadan charity initiatives have been based on the vague notion of contributing a percentage of sales, Tamara's contributions are among the more direct and, subsequently, more effective – it gets food to those who need it, with no bureaucracy in the middle. That's Cool, But How Can I help? Rather than this just being a faceless donation, all branches of Tamara have been giving diners the chance to write message cards to the people that receive the food, which are then delivered with the meals. On the surface, it's a small touch, but one that has definitely made a difference to the receivers. Ramadan is of course a time of humility and modesty, and things never feel as communal and mutual as now. What the message cards do is extend that communality and adds a welcome human element to the initiative. For more information, click here.


La Gourmandise: Contender For Best Fetar of Ramadan 2016?
Published On: 29/06/2016

Going out for fetar in Ramadan might not be everyone's cup of tea – including yours truly. You see, there's nothing quite like mama's homemade food and Cairene restaurants tend not to offer much variety in their selected set menus and buffets – you either like them or you don't. But there are restaurants and kheimas which offer an exceptionally unique fetar experiences and make breaking the fast outside the house worth the hassle; one of these is La Gourmandise, located at Four Seasons First Residence hotel in Giza. Occupying the ground floor of Four Seasons Nile Plaza's First Mall, La Gourmandise boasts a casual-chic atmosphere with Oriental touches. The main dining area is embellished with dark pink fabrics hanging from the ceiling, Oriental lanterns on the tables and by the buffet and a quirky tree decorated with small golden copper lanterns at the restaurant's entrance. La Gourmandise's fetar buffet (345LE++) is as eclectic as it is impressive, with dozens of well-organised stations between soup, molokheya, salad, grills, pasta amongst others. The soup station fares with two choices between chicken cream soup and vegetables lamb soup, while the salad bar is a fiesta of colourful salads including taboula, fattoush, roca, hummus, labneh, potato, pickled veggies, as well as slightly more complicated items like tuna salad and salmon rolls. We kicked things off with some fattoush, hummus and watermelon and beet salad from the salad bar. The fattoush was fresh, tangy with an overpowering onion kick, while the hummus was extremely smooth and creamy. Our favourite was the watermelon and beetroot salad; a peculiar combination that worked thanks to a vinaigrette that added a sour, salty flavour to the watermelon, which cut the sweetness of the beetroot and complimented the overall taste. There was also a fried food station where we tried some spinach and cheese sambousek which were both quite tasty and enveloped in incredibly fresh dough. Then we headed to the grilled meat station where we opted for a mishmash of grills from lamb, chicken, kebab, kofta which were all masterfully executed. Though a little chewy, the kebab was tasty, well-seasoned and had a smoky flavour. The quail, meanwhile, was grilled to perfection and tender to the bite, while the kofta was tasty with a subtle and pleasant sumac flavour. Seasoned with rosemary and boasting a tender herbal flavour, the chicken was another hit at the buffet. We paired our grills with some brown rice with mixed nuts which had a remarkable cinnamon flavour, a welcomed sweetness and crunch from the sprinkled raisins and pistachios. Our final stop at the grills station was the hawawshi, which was crunchy, perfectly seasoned and had a delicious spicy kick. Just when we thought we were done with food, the chef responsible for the shawerma station casually placed some beef shawerma wrap into our plates which stood out with a smoky and lamb aftertaste complimented by small pieces of pickles. With barely any room left for dessert, we found all sorts of Oriental desserts; from cream-infused atayef, mango konafa, balah el sham and freshly made lokmet el kadi, to a selection of Western desserts including gâteau soirée and crème brulée. But our eyes were fixated on one thing; Om Ali. Sweet, juicy, moist and warm the Om Ali was perfect. The serving of crushed almonds and pistachios gave the whole ensemble a complimentary and delightful crunch, making for a perfect ending to an extremely satisfying fetar. The fact that La Gourmandise is one of the most expensive options for fetar this year – one that reaches 442LE after taxes – goes without saying; but the perfectly executed food, the well-organised buffet and the excellent and amiable service demonstrates what top notch quality should be like and proves why we go there for fetar every year. If you're looking for lavish fetar in the remaining Ramadan days, this is exactly where you should go. Photo: Four Seasons First Residence/Facebook


Six Reasons Ayadina is Winning the Lebanese Leg of the Ramadan Race
Published On: 28/06/2016

There aren't many cuisines that are as pleasant a sight for a hungry, cranky, tired Cairene faster, than that of Lebanon. From that little nugget of goodness called a kobeba, to that perfect combo of rich liver with tangy pomegranate molasses, to a perfectly grilled and unbearably juicy shish tawook – there's just something that gets the proverbial loins going at a mere sniff of Lebanese food. The race for the city's favourite Ramadan restaurant is a competitive one as always, but among Cairo's Lebanese restaurants, one has broken away from the pack – and for good reason... The Fetar Buffet Has Some Redonkulous Food… If you think you know Lebanese food, then think again – some of Ayadina's most unique dishes include kofta with blueberries and tabouleh with kiwis. What. It's Been a Hit with Cairo's Foodies This Ramadan… Foodista Egypt and Mido Eats are just a few of the social media influencers – of the food porn loving variety – that have waxed lyrical about Ayadina's fetar buffet, while Giraffe Eats chose the restaurant when we asked foodies for their Ramadan recommendations earlier this month. It's Been the Most Popular Choice at Galleria40's 3al Tawla Kheima…Probably… The Porsche of foodcourts, Galleria40, has taken a colourful and kitschy approach to its kheima, 3al Tawla, and what better foods than that of the Levant to pepper the broth that is the Ramadan sohour experience. Your Gluttony Will Actually Go to A Good Cause... Yes, for every finger of kofta you munch on and every piece of shish tawook you chomp down, a percentage of the sales will go to local charity, Ahl Masr – 10% in fact. They Opened a New Branch at Point 90 Slap Bang in the Middle of Ramadan... Ayadina's newest branch opened at New Cairo's Point 90 Mall this month, bringing the count up to four branches across the city – city-wide domination is imminent... Ayadina's Ramadan promo is the Most Intense Video About Fetar & Sohour, Like, Ever.... No, this is not the trailer for a food-based thriller of a mosalsal starring Amr Youssef as a renegade cop out for revenge against the men who killed his brother, or whatever, but it's just a glimpse – a heart-racing, adrenaline-inducing, edge-of-your-seat at one to be precise – at what awaits you. You don't have long left – call 01000-450-052.


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Sprite in Sahel: #SpriteMixes Are Keeping Beachgoers Refreshed on the North Coast

Leaving work early on a Thursday in a rush, arriving to work on Sunday morning with sand still in between your toes – we've all been there. These are the natural symptoms of this contagious thing going round called 'Sahel Season' – a time where, if you're not at a beach on the North Coast, then