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‘A Glimpse of Heritage’ Exhibition at Safar Khan Gallery

A Glimpse of Heritage: Mohamed Abla Takes on New Style with Latest Exhibition

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A Glimpse of Heritage: Mohamed Abla Takes on New Style with Latest Exhibition

A giant in his field and a master of his craft, Mohamed Abla painted his name among the A-list of Egypt’s contemporary artist with his unique style; one that, while seemingly nonchalant and spontaneous, embodies the artist’s impeccable skill and keen observance. This season, Abla returns with his latest collection, A Glimpse of Heritage, at Zamalek’s Safar Khan.

Having a solid style using acrylic paints, Abla, nevertheless, shows mastery in the art of collage in A Glimpse of Heritage; besides some of his prominent acrylic on canvas pieces, Abla presents a number of collage paintings. And while the first show vistas of Cairo at night, the latter comprise several scenes from folk tales.


From the first, a huge masterpiece occupies the wall facing the entrance of the gallery. Named Eternal Egypt, the painting shows a panoramic view of the pyramids, surrounded by the chaotic mass of buildings. What makes this painting grand is that Abla carefully chose the spot from where he painted the pyramids, which is the base of the upper third of the piece, adding grandeur to them – especially that, at first glance, the eyes race through the mass of buildings, to finally rest upon the three pyramids of Giza.

Although Abla’s usual style never seize to impress, the collection of collage paintings marks the highlight of A Glimpse of Heritage. Giving a mosaic effect, the artist used painted paper shreds to shape his scenes.


Being the biggest in the collection, ‘Princess in Hiding’ resembles a centre tile of a palace hall with its black, white and gold border framing a scene of a princess sitting on a carpet under the shade of a tree, and a man leading a black horse. Despite the main elements being abstract, the background’s palette of blues indicates the artist’s exceptional skills, not only in creating a variety of shades, but also in blending them. 

With A Glimpse of Heritage, Abla proves that an artist’s exploration journey is never over, no matter how accomplished he is, or applauded for a certain style. A Glimpse of Heritage is a must-see exhibition.  

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The exhibitions is on show till February 9th.

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