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Duroub Gallery

Duroub Gallery: Small Art Works Exhibition 2010

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Melissa Howell
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Duroub Gallery:  Small Art Works Exhibition 2010

We often visit art galleries in Cairo to admire
works of art without any intention of buying anything. Either the art is not for sale because it is
part of a private collection or the scale of the piece and the corresponding
price tag make it impractical to even consider owning it. However, if you’ve been searching for a new
painting or any other work of art to add to your personal collection, we
recommend Duroub Gallery in Garden City.

Currently on display at Duroub Gallery, the
Small Art Works exhibition 2010 features more than sixty artists. Each artist
has a handful of works on display; so the walls of this modest gallery are
overwhelmingly packed. While this detracts from our ability to view and
appreciate each painting individually, it certainly makes shopping for a new
piece of art easier because of the range of styles on display. Many of the
small, framed canvasses feature the people, landscapes and traditions of Egypt.
The paintings range from impressionist cityscapes to cubist portraits, as well
as some abstract pieces and a number of beautiful examples of Arabic

Aside from the vibrant collection of
paintings, the exhibition also features small metal sculptures and hand-painted
ceramic discs and tiles. Two jewellery
cases near the gallery entrance are worth checking out for some gorgeous,
artistically crafted silver pieces. Holiday shoppers should be sure to check out this jewellery selection
for unique gift ideas.  

The best part about the Small Art Works
Exhibition is that the art pieces are quite reasonably priced. A number of pieces are priced in the range of 600LE
to 700LE, making the work of these local artists quite accessible to the public
compared to works sold at other galleries.

However, getting to the gallery is not as
accessible; at least not by car. Located on Latin America Street near the British Embassy, the gallery can only be reached by foot as it is blocked off by security patrol cars. Duroub Gallery suggests parking your car in
the garage of the Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel, but you’ll save a lot of
hassle if you walk over or take a taxi.

360 Tip

Don’t bother driving to the gallery because you are unlikely to find parking nearby.

Best Bit

The Small Art Works Exhibition is priced to sell!

Worst Bit

The pieces are displayed too closely together to appreciate each work on its own.

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