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‘Egypt Resumes Giving’ Exhibition at Zamalek Art Gallery

Egypt Resumes Giving: Farghaly Abdel Hafiz Paints a Brighter Future for Egypt in New Exhibition

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Dina Mokhtar
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Egypt Resumes Giving: Farghaly Abdel Hafiz Paints a Brighter Future for Egypt in New Exhibition

With all what we, as a young generation, have been going through since 2011, we can argue that we’ve almost seen it all. Witnessing a condensed procession of dramatic events in the span of 6 years, it’s a struggle for the young to stay positive and optimistic.

And while many young artists, blamelessly, have been focusing on the dark side of the clouding events in their work, veteran artists have been wisely seeking the silver lining. Among the latter is one of Egypt’s greatest artists, Farghaly Abdel Hafiz, who believes that, no matter what, Egypt ‘resumes giving’; a conviction and a statement, which also happens to be the title of his latest collection of artworks in Zamalek Art Gallery.

With an optimistic palette, which swings to and fro between the playful primary colours and the wide derivatives of red and brown, Abdel Hafiz presents over 20 pieces in Egypt Resumes Giving. Resonating with the hopefulness of the palette were the surreal subjects of the paintings that shed a lively light on the main idea of the exhibition, which could be easily perceived as stern and serious.

From dreamy, romantic scenes, where men and women celebrate their love, to cello players entertaining wild dancers on what seems to be a beach with resting boats on its shore; Abdel Hafiz foresees a better future that shall, sooner or later, unfurl the long-awaited happy ending. Other paintings include a variety of portraits of ladies carrying a gentle smile that compels the viewer to follow their example and smile in return. 

With the same smile, we imagine Abdel Hafiz wrote his introduction to Egypt Resumes Giving, stating that Egypt, in the near future, will be giving its people what makes it worth the while; maybe not what will make their lives materialistically easier, but definitely something deeper, like warmth and love. Although these words may sound empty to many of our generation, especially in the present, we thoroughly agree with Abdel Hafiz that the current misfortunes should be eyed with optimism, or there will be no future at all.

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Egypt Resumes Giving runs till the 15th of April 2017.

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