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Everything You Need to Know About “SHE CAN 2019”

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Everything You Need to Know About “SHE CAN 2019”
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The sound of women’s voices have resonated all across the globe, from marches to hashtags like #TimesUp and #metoo. All these initiatives and movements aim to empower women by giving them a platform. We, as Egyptians, have been part of this change one way or another. Last week, for example, we told you all about Entreprenelle; “a social enterprise that mainly aims to promote great ideas and empower women economically by educating, training, and linking them to all the resources possible. Born in the heart of Cairo in 2015 and now serving more than nine governates with more than ten entrepreneurship vehicles.”

Entreprenelle also hosts workshops and events, and one of them is SHE CAN. This year sees the 9th edition of the event. With the title “Successful Failures”, the event focuses on mistakes; specifically, how women can learn from them. As such, the event will be home to a host of talks by many influential Egyptian women.

Hala El Said

Dr El Said was, in February 2017, appointed as the Minister of Planning, Monitoring, and Administrative Reform. Currently, she is playing an active role in the administrative and institutional reform process.

Zeinab Al Ashry

Zeinab Al Ashry founded Confessions of a Married Women; a Facebook page dedicated to empowering married woman by giving them a forum through which they can express themselves and their problems. As such, the page has become a very safe space for women to speak up, tell their stories, and receive advice from other women.

Caroline Maher

Proudly becoming Egyptian parliament’s youngest member, Caroline Maher was also 5th place in the Taekwondo World Champion in 2001.

Doaa Gawish

Gawish launched the page The Hair Addict with the aim of promoting heat-free and natural hair treatments. The page offers tips and tricks for those looking to maintain a healthy mane of hair. Consequently, the page empowers its followers by promoting body positivity.

Farida Salem

Farida Salem is a football player and coach. She was a team member of the Egyptian National Football Team. Farida studied Sport, Health, and Physical Education at Vancouver Island University. Upon her return to Egypt, she founded Empower Football Academy, with the vision of empowering women through sports.

Hadia Ghaleb

The influencer, and founder/CEO of Ghaleb Production House (GPH) has become one of the Middle East’s most influential female figures.

Nabila Makram

This woman’s resume is to die for: back in 2007, she was the First Secretary at the Egyptian Embassy of Rome in Italy, in 2012 she represented Egypt as Vice-Consul at the Egyptian Council in Dubai. She is the current Minister of Immigration and Egyptian Expatriates’ Affairs.

Sarrah Abdelrahman

This young actress and free spirit is known for more than just her on-screen roles. Indeed, Abdelrahman’s name has become synonymous with the promotion of ideas like clothes recycling.

Ghada Wali

The Minister of Social Solidarity, and the winner of the World Health Organization’s Most Influential Ministers Award, and the Public Health Champion Award is also going to be giving a talk!


See you all on the 8th March at the Greek Campus – Tahrir. Listen up and be part of the change!