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IN PICTURES: Egyptian University Students Innovatively Rebrand 7UP Cans

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IN PICTURES: Egyptian University Students Innovatively Rebrand 7UP Cans
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Cairo 360

Egyptians are famous for many things; their generosity, their food, their cultural heritage, and their history. Speaking of history and cultural heritage, a very prominent element of those things has to be Egyptian art; from sculptures to statues, Egyptians have learned to master all sorts of artistic expressions for many many years.

Now, let’s take a look at Egypt’s latest artistic contributions. A couple of weeks ago, Egyptian students from the Faculty of Applied Arts – Helwan University, stood out at one of the world’s rapidly growing initiatives. Packaging of the World is one of the world’s leading packaging design blogs on the internet. Their mission over the years has remained the same: to create a packaging website as simple an digestible as possible, aiming to inspire designers from all over the globe by publishing some of the most creative and interesting projects from corporate agencies and students.

The Egyptian students have sent Packaging of the World one of their university projects to be published and featured to the world. The project is a renovation challenge and brainstorming packaging project from the students, as they’ve decided to rebrand 7UP cans in a manner that not only shows the students’ creativity and innovation, but also highlights everything we love about Egyptian, Middle Eastern, and African cultures. We have to say that some of the designs have managed to rebrand 7UP cans in a manner which corresponds with Egypt hosting AFCON 2019, whilst others manged to capture the spirit of Ramadan.

We’re super proud of these young students for their amazing art, and we can’t wait to see what the future will hold for each and every one of them. Make sure you check out what each of these designers had to say about these artworks by visiting Packaging of the World’s website.