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‘Man in the Mirror’ – Michael Jackson at Cairo Opera House

‘Man in the Mirror’: Michael Jackson at Cairo Opera House

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Anne de Groot
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‘Man in the Mirror’: Michael Jackson at Cairo Opera House

Pull up your white socks, put on the hat that you’ve
been hiding in your closet for so long; dust off that silver glove and Moonwalk
your way to the Cairo Opera House. The ‘Man in The Mirror’ show is in Cairo, performing
Michael Jackson’s legendary songs.

The show is brought to you by an
international theatre company currently touring the world. While no one
is as good as the man himself was, the purpose of the show is to honour MJ’s
work, not to imitate him. The dancers and singers take you on a journey through
Michael’s life and perform over 30 of his hit songs.

At the beginning of the show, a video is shown on a large
screen, where several celebrities talk about how Michael influenced their own
work and generally sing the praises of the man. After the video, the show kicks
off with a Jackson Five medley.

From there it continues with Michael’s first
solo hits from the seventies up until his most recent work. Classics like ‘Smooth
Criminal’, ‘Thriller’, ‘Billie Jean’ and ‘Bad’ are of course included as well
as some of his lesser known songs such as ‘Day and Night’ and ‘Get on the
Floor’. Highlights of the show are ‘Beat It’, ‘Man in the Mirror’, ‘They Don’t
Care about Us’ and ‘Earth Song’. There is also an Egyptian element to the show that
naturally made the audience go wild; expect Tutankhamen and Anubis on stage rocking
along to one of Michael’s songs.  

There are three main singers, all with excellent
voices. However, one of them seemed to be having a bad day on the opening night. Occasionally, she hit the wrong note and she also forgot the
lyrics every once and a while. Lucky for her, the background singers and some
audience members were singing along; so her mistakes were not too obvious.

The dancers combined Michael’s famous dance moves with
break dance, ballet and modern dance; the solo dances were especially good. The
group dances were not always perfectly synchronised; but seeing as it was
opening night, we expected this to be just a starter mistake.

Singing and
clapping along from the audience is encouraged by the singers, which we are
thankful for because it is impossible to sit still during the show. The dancers
also walk into the audience, but don’t worry; they will not drag you on stage!

are few special effects during the show and the stage is very plain; thus not
distracting from the singing and dancing. The show ends with a little surprise that
you may find entertaining. We won’t be giving anything away though; you’ll have
to see it for yourself!

Michael Jackson fan or not; we suggest you visit this
show while it is still in Cairo. You are guaranteed an entertaining evening
with some of the best songs from the last century. The show runs till Monday,
and tickets are still available for some of the dates; so make sure that you get your
hands on them.

360 Tip

Jacket and tie are compulsory for men at the Cairo Opera House.

Best Bit

‘Thriller’ and ‘They Don’t Care about Us’ are very well performed.

Worst Bit

The lead singer forgot lyrics and sang off-key every once and a while.

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