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Monappetit: A Certified Culinary & Hospitality Academy in the Heart of Cairo

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Monappetit: A Certified Culinary & Hospitality Academy in the Heart of Cairo
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Food is linked to so many components of our daily lives. Unfortunately, we live in a world where ready-to-go-meals and dining out have come to replace the simple pleasures that come with preparing a meal for and with loved ones. In this world, profit is valued over mass health and safety, and picking up your dinner after a long day at work has become a regular element of our everyday lives. This is especially true, of course, if you live in a city as big and hectic as Cairo.

Turning her love of knives, baking, a phat kitchen set up, and cooking for family and friends, Mona El Banna, founder of Monappetit Academy, has successfully managed to transform her unconditional love of cooking into a daily lifestyle.

Back in 2014, El Banna built a professional team and a catering kitchen, which deliver professional classes for amateur chefs, gurus, and home cooks. Her academy, Monappetit, offers a wide range of workshops, courtesy of world-class chefs. The classes are developed and designed in a manner that introduces advanced, practical operational programs. Lately, she has worked on a mega collaboration with City & Guilds, and accordingly, the academy became the only culinary space to offer certified programs in bakery, pastry, and hotel management in Egypt.

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Check their Facebook page over here, or contact them through their Instagram account or website. In case you have any further inquiries, email them on or give them a call on +2 01020010005.

May all your pans be filled with pancakes!