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‘Ma’at Changing Colours’ at Ubuntu Art Gallery

Ubuntu Art Gallery: ‘Ma’at Changing Colors’ by Khaled Sirag

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Katie Dryden
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Ubuntu Art Gallery: ‘Ma’at Changing Colors’ by Khaled Sirag

Currently on show at Zamalek’s Ubuntu Art Gallery is a diverse and exhilarating exhibition of visually stimulating sculptures by Khaled Sirag.

Ubuntu’s generous spacing allows you to stand back and clearly observe all the sculptures that the artist offers us and there are many thought-provoking pieces to captivate the mind. One that we found particularly interesting is the collection of ceramic vases, which are elevated from the ground using rope rather than on a plinth as one would expect. The shapes and sizes vary of these vases though the markings and polished exterior are quite similar.

Sirag primarily works with ceramics and, in this exhibition, most of the sculptures feature at least some component of this material, though he incorporates other materials within these pieces. He began his learning journey with ceramics in 1988; he was often inspired by nature and history, which is clearly demonstrated, in his final creations. This is apparent in one of the larger pieces, which features some kind of plant growing upwards from a glass vase filled with stones; now this is not your typical plant for the proportions are rather obscure and it has been turned upside down meaning that the roots are facing upwards towards the sky. The glass vase at the bottom is filled with white stones, though Sirag has added his ceramic touch at the rim of the vase using an emerald green finish to emphasise on the natural essence.

Looking around the gallery, it seems that the artist takes ordinary ideas and then turns them into bizarre works of art, where nothing quite seems to make sense, yet they say art should evoke curiosity and pose many questions and Khaled Sirag has left us with so many.

Another piece that stood out to us was a kind of collage-come-mosaic set out on the wall on two separate boards; they are side by side and together they form two wings which could be angel wings though considering Sirag’s passion for nature it is also feasible that they were inspired by a large bird.

It’s interesting to note that Khaled Sirag has won seven ceramic competitions in total and has participated in many exhibitions both in Egypt and overseas. Ma’at Changing Colors proves to be a pleasing exhibition inspired by those natural elements we find all around us.

360 Tip

The exhibition also features some collaborative pieces with artist Anita Toth.

Best Bit

The overall style of art was quite unusual yet pleasing – it was nice to see the nature element brought into the gallery creating an atmospheric scene.

Worst Bit

The exhibition is only running till the end of the month.

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