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Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel

James Patterson: Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel

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James Patterson: Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel

The wonders of genetic modification
have given Max and her flock wings, and Total, their mutant dog, the ability to talk.
Although very few authors can combine scientific fiction with a respectable
story, James Patterson succeeds in doing just that.  

Fang is the sixth book in Patterson’s Maximum Ride series that continues the
story of the bird kids and their constant attempts to save the world from
attempted evil takeovers. The series mainly target teenagers; but the books are
enjoyable to readers of all ages.

Fang focuses less on the flock’s
attempts to save the world and more on the blooming romance between
fifteen-year-old Max, the flock leader, and Fang. The novel begins with the
flock’s journey to Africa where they were supposed to help in refugee camps.
When Angel, the seven-year-old flock member predicts Fang’s death, Max becomes
concerned and quickly falsifies the premonition.

Readers familiar with the rest of
the series will sense the development in Fang’s personality. He used to be the quiet
mysterious emo-like bird kid; whereas in Fang, he has grown more open
and confident about his feelings for Max.

Patterson also introduces the newest
bird kid, Dylan. When Max later learns that Dylan was specifically designed to
be her soul mate, she becomes infuriated and insists that she is in love with
Fang and would never leave him for Dylan.

Patterson doesn’t answer the
questions posed at the beginning of the novel. Will Fang die as Angel had
predicted? Will Dylan take Fang’s place in the flock? In fact, as the novel
comes to an end, readers are left with more unanswered questions than at the
beginning. Nonetheless, Fang‘s cliff-hanger
ending succeeds in making readers anticipate the following instalment.

If you haven’t read the first five
books of the series, you won’t enjoy Fang as much. The novel will
feel like a chapter in a book that you haven’t read. To the author’s credit, further
elaboration on references to earlier novels is offered.

Fang lacks a clear plot. It doesn’t
have a conclusive climax; which may disappoint readers as they flip from one
page to the next, especially that the novel doesn’t provide the desirable amount
of action and adventure.

Although Fang is
a fun read, it might prove to be disappointing to followers of the series.

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Author Bio

Born in 1947, James Patterson is an American author who lives in Florida. He received a bachelor's degree from Manhattan College and a master's degree from Vanderbilt University. He used to have a career in marketing back in the 1980s, but retired to devote his full attention to writing.

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