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Beautiful Disaster

Jamie McGuire: Beautiful Disaster

  • Jamie McGuire
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Sara Aggour
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Jamie McGuire: Beautiful Disaster
Ever wondered what would happen if Fight Club and the world of romance somehow collided? Well, that’s exactly what Jamie McGuire was able to realise in her new romantic novel, Beautiful Disaster.

The first impression of main character Abby, a freshman at university, is that she’s a goody-two-shoes and seems to have a reserved, shy personality. She is just starting a new independent life as a student far away from home, but her peace of mind is soon disturbed when she meets Travis; an underground fighter who goes to the same school. He’s the kind of guy that every girl should avoid but still dreams of taming. With tattooed arms, the rebellious enigma captures Abby’s attention instantly and though he has trouble written all over him, she can’t help but get sucked into his world.

But on the other hand, Travis is also somewhat spellbound by Abby’s innocence. What he doesn’t know, and neither do we at the time, is that he’s in for a surprise; with a sharp tongue and a strong personality, Abby manages to charm the bad boy into submission. As the story progresses, we see Abby building a shield to protect herself from being another challenge that Travis conquers. Frustrated with Abby, Travis is forced to comply with her strict rules and settles for being ‘her friend’.

The novel takes an unusual turn when Abby loses a bet with Travis and is forced to live with him for a whole month. The lines between innocent friendship and love become blurred and as the story goes on, McGuire gradually delves deeper into Abby’s fears and the dark past that is still hunting her.

Jumping up the New York Times bestselling charts soon after being
published, Beautiful Disaster is much more than a just another romance novel.

Throughout the story, with every unexpected turn, Abby’s no-nonsense personality and her subsequent relationship with Travis, sucks us into what feels like a love tornado. The most significant achievement of this book is that McGuire avoids falling into the trap of writing yet another clichéd ‘good girl tames bad boy’ story.

With its continuous twists and turns, McGuire addresses a wide range of emotions. Beautiful Disaster is happy, sad, dramatic, and exciting – but never boring. As its name indicates, this is a passionate tale of a love that is disastrously beautiful.

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Author Bio

Jamie McGuire graduated with a degree in Radiography. She shares a home with her husband, three children, four horses, four dogs and a cat. She previously published the Providence trilogy but her current New York Times bestseller book is Beautiful Disaster.

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