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Cairo The Family Guide

Lesley Lababidi and Lisa Sabbahy: Cairo The Family Guide

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Lesley Lababidi and Lisa Sabbahy: Cairo The Family Guide
As one of
the biggest cities in the world, Cairo holds within its ancient streets and
narrow allies thousands of years’ worth of history and cultural landmarks. It
is so overwhelming that the question of what to do isn’t derived from the lack
of activities; on the contrary, it’s because there’s so much to do that you are
often left wondering where to start from.

A new revised
edition of Cairo The Family Guide raises the bar for the many other guide
books on Cairo. Accompanying listings of interesting places to see around the
city are inspirational descriptions of these places, noting important elements
such as if there are clean bathrooms and if photography is allowed, etc. so
that the visitor knows exactly what to expect.

The book
starts off with a chapter titled ‘How to Explore Cairo’, giving the reader a
small but condensed dose of tips on life in the capital, from national and
religious holidays to what is considered ‘modest clothing’. Egyptians are friendly people but
it is also important not to break any social rules or traditions; so these little
tips can really help a first-time visitor. 

The Family Guide

then moves onto each district in Cairo from Haram to Old Cairo and from Heliopolis
to Maadi, listing nearly everything that needs to be seen from the obvious
landmarks such as the Pyramids and museums to the lesser known landmarks like
small galleries and old mansions. Each venue description includes a small list
of regular working hours and Ramadan hours, a detailed address including nearby
metro stations and entrance fees. The description also takes into consideration
families with kids, what they might like to see, and what fun activities they can
participate in.

Cairo can
be a pretty exhausting city, and a little planning never hurts. Cairo The
Family Guide
is there for assistance in every part of the trip, including
maps and directions along with a website directory for more insider tips. It is
a book that would save its readers a lot of time and guide them directly to
where the must-see Cairo gems are.

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Author Bio

Lesley Lababidi has raised three children in Cairo and is the author of Cairo’s Stories: Exploring the Cities Statues, Squares, Bridges, Gardens, and Sidewalk Cafés. Lisa Sabbahy is assistant professor of Egyptology at the American University in Cairo.

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