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Marry Him: The Case of Settling for Mr. Good Enough

Lori Gottlieb: Marry Him: The Case of Settling for Mr. Good Enough

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Lori Gottlieb: Marry Him: The Case of Settling for Mr. Good Enough
Lori Gottlieb has taken it upon herself to enlighten modern day women on why they are still single. Referring to her own real-life experiences, the 41-year-old single mother reflects on what got her into that life situation. And with her answers, she reveals the dark truth on why she, among many other sophisticated, educated and attractive women, are still alone.

To be completely honest, the book title in itself was frightening; the idea of destroying the fairy tale fantasy was intimidating. Words like ‘settling’ and ‘good enough’ bounced off the book’s cover but nevertheless, we bottled up our courage and dived in head first – to a positive outcome.

With a mixture of wit, smart attitude and a delightful sense of humour, Gottlieb takes women on a journey through five detailed chapters that will help answer one of the most elusive questions in life: why are you still single and where has Mr. Right gone?

The author discusses the alpha male in every girl’s dream as well as the unrealistic criteria that measures whether or not this man is ‘the one’. According to Gottlieb, it’s those built up expectations and fantasies that might be ruining the chance of finding real love.
Gottlieb raises the question: why does the modern woman faces more relationship problems than her ancestors did? Are we less prepared to make compromises for our relationships to succeed? Is the fear of shattering the ‘independent woman’ image affecting our relationship decisions? Or are women pressured by the judgemental eyes of their girlfriends?

Although Cairenes may need to make some mental adjustments on account of the cultural differences, it’s still safe to say that most female readers can easily relate to the book. With a conviction and refreshing honesty, this book could help a girl realise a good man when she sees one.

In a nutshell, Marry Him is not your typical self-empowerment relationship book, but rather a gentle slap on every girl’s face. A slap that will turn your head around and help open your eyes to another perspective. By telling the truth like it is, Gottlieb almost empowers women not to miss out on a good guy in lieu of the dream of the so-called ‘one’.

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Author Bio

After graduating from Stanford University with a major in French, Gottlieb set her eyes on becoming a doctor. She quickly gave up the idea when she realized that medicine was not for her. She became a journalist and her work has since been published in publications such as the New York Times, the Atlantic and ELLE.

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