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Paulo Coelho: Aleph

  • Paul Coelho
  • Fiction
  • Out now
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  • 99 EGP
  • Diwan
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Salma Tantawi
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Paulo Coelho: Aleph

Though some may regard Paulo
Coelho as an overrated writer, his novels have  enjoyed worldwide success, especially his bestselling
The Alchemist, a favourite among millions of readers. In his new book Aleph,
Coelho continues on a similar mystic path to discover the meaning of faith,
friendship and other life sentiments.

Like in his
former books, the author starts his story feeling dissatisfied and bored of his life routine. But
this time he embarks upon a trans-Siberian journey across Russia looking for
the missing part of his life, during which he comes across the Aleph, a point
where time and space converge. On the train, he also meets Hilal, a woman he
believes to have loved and betrayed in a former life, and now he thinks her
forgiveness is his way out of the spiritual blockage that he’s suffering from.

Aleph is a bold but not an easy read;
there are a couple of points in the middle when the reader might stop and ask
what the point is. The answer, if reached, won’t always be logical but usually
is interesting. The core concept of the book for example is reincarnation.
However, the author has a way of making the concept sound more reasonable and
alluring than some cynical readers might find it.

Though this
might be to the liking of adventurous readers, it won’t probably be the right
pick for those looking for a relatable story. One of the appeals of this book
though is its convincing tone; the author writes in a simple language despite his
excessive use of allegories. 

The book
also provides insight into the human connection with the universe that could
actually work in our daily lives, all in the context of an intriguing story.
The subject itself is worth reading; who wouldn’t want to know what Paulo
Coelho, one of the most acclaimed spiritual authors in the world, does when he lacks

Aleph is an application of what Coelho
talks about in his books; a backstage view of what he believes in as a writer
and not just a protagonist. Whatever your prejudice may be against supernatural or
spiritual concepts, Aleph is nonetheless a worthy read.

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Author Bio

Paulo Coelho is a Brazilian lyricist and novelist. Before dedicating his life completely to literature, he worked as theatre director, actor and journalist. His works have been translated into more than 60 languages.

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