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Sorry, I Don’t Smoke

Sherif Zaki: Sorry, I Don’t Smoke

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Basma Mostafa
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Sherif Zaki: Sorry, I Don’t Smoke

The fact that smoking is bad for your
health is not debatable. Although a lot has been written about the health
hazards of nicotine and what it does to your body, particularly your lungs, many
well-educated people continue to smoke. Sorry, I Don’t Smoke deals with
smoking in a completely new light.

The book doesn’t simply demonstrate
the dangerous effects of smoking, the oodles of money that could be saved if
you quit or that you may be harming the people you love with second-hand smoke. Instead,
it tackles the misperceptions associated with smoking, and how smoking is
perceived as a habit that could be given up anytime rather than an addiction
that steers the lives of many.

The author’s views are based on a
book titled The Easy Way by Allen Carr. Sherif Zaki writes that the
aforementioned book changed his life and that he hopes that Sorry, I Don’t
would in turn change the reader’s life. He admits that smoking doesn’t fulfil
one’s emotional needs nor does it boost one’s spirits. He stresses that this
admission is the first step towards recovery. Zaki argues that there is no
magical way to become a happy non-smoker, and that it all begins with
dispelling the tricks that your mind has been playing on you. Smoking is a trick,
that’s all.

The book isn’t a step-by-step guide
to how to get rid of the murderous habit; rather a guide to help you quit
smoking without feeling miserable. It aims at changing mindsets rather than
changing behaviours. Zaki defies established perceptions, admitting that when
he was a smoker he was a miserable person. He says that smokers are deluding
themselves when they say that smoking makes them feel better.

Many of the arguments Zaki makes in
his book are logical and well-formed. Sorry, I Don’t Smoke is a personal
book. It gives you glimpses into the author’s life and helps you understand him
better as a person. There are several grammar and punctuation mistakes in the
book, but that doesn’t diminish the core values that the book represents. Zaki’s
writing is simple and lean, yet many of the ideas he presents are repeated
in many chapters.

For many smokers, Sorry, I Don’t
might be just another book among many that have tackled the issue. However,
for those who sincerely want to quit, Sorry, I Don’t Smoke is definitely
a good starting point.

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Author Bio

Born in 1983, Sherif Zaki is an Egyptian client relations manager. He graduated from the University of Modern Science and Arts in 2002. He freelanced for Community Times in 2000. Sorry, I Don't Smoke is his first published book.a

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