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The Eden Legacy

Will Adams: The Eden Legacy

  • Will Adams
  • Fiction
  • Out now
  • English English
  • 88 EGP
  • Diwan
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Salma Tantawi
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Will Adams: The Eden Legacy

‘Welcome to Eden.
Population: Zero’. With this tag line, starts the fourth part of the adventure
book series by author Will Adams. The Eden Legacy continues to follow
the main character Daniel Knox’s underwater adventures, where he explores some
of the great mysteries and treasures of the ancient world.

This time he is leaves
Egypt and the Mediterranean area and travels to the alluring coasts of
Madagascar, where the novel begins. Knox is a part of a expedition team searching for an ancient Chinese treasure
ship wreck, but the expedition is interrupted by the disappearance of his friend
Rebecca’s father and her sister from the idyllic Eden nature reserve.

As his moral
responsibility forces him to leave the task at hand and help with the
investigation in Eden, he comes across astonishing secrets concerning his
friend’s family’s boat that might endanger all their lives. Little does he know
that his life is already in danger; his enemy has hired a hit man to kill him.

It seems at first that
The Eden Legacy is one of those adventure novels that
often trail off into different directions, leaving the reader confused and bored.
On the contrary, the story here is much more intriguing and well-structured.
The book’s design and the back cover’s plot description make it look like an
Indiana Jones/Dan Brown kind of an adventure, which it isn’t.

So it didn’t turn out
to be ‘an adventure that will rewrite history’ as the cover had promised; but The
Eden Legacy is nonetheless a gripping story that has enough
elements to make it interesting without exaggeration. It starts off with three
separate stories of the hero (Knox), the villain (the hit man), and the
princess who needs help (Rebecca); but as the three of the main characters meet,
it starts to take massive turns from action to romance and even humour.    

The Eden Legacy has all the
necessary elements for an adventure novel. However, Adams’ fans may find it to
be flat in comparison to his earlier works. Still, the novel has a thrilling
storyline presented in a sequence that is sophisticated yet easy to follow, making
The Eden Legacy an adventure book worth reading.

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Author Bio

Will Adams is the author of the Daniel Knox series of adventure thrillers. His first book The Alexander Cipher has been published in sixteen languages. He’s a fulltime writer and lives in Essex, England.

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