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Amelia’s Kitchen

Amelia’s Kitchen: Brazilian Home-style Takeout in Maadi

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Clarissa Pharr
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Amelia’s Kitchen: Brazilian Home-style Takeout in Maadi

Always on the lookout for unique culinary offerings on the Cairo dining scene, we were a bit taken aback to find what
we hear is possibly Egypt’s
sole server of authentic Brazilian cuisine. With visions of sizzling Brazilian
barbecue, feasts of cassava, yams and peanuts, chourico sausage and rich
salgadinhos cheese bread; we approached the dimly lit store front of Amelia’s
Kitchen located on Maadi’s Road 233 in the Degla neighbourhood.

Although the black and white ‘open’ sign hangs constantly in the glass
wall shop front, the lack of bright lights and customers make this eatery more
inconspicuous than ever.

The interior of the restaurant feels more like a home-style kitchen with
a few wire backed chairs, linoleum floors and an open stove. Two fridges flank
the entranceway, one offering cans of soda; while the
other hosts shelves of wrapped lasagne, pastries and tortes encased in layers
of cellophane. Such features lend distinct meaning to home dining; the low brow
decor will leave you feeling as if you’ve literally strolled into your
neighbour’s kitchen.

The restaurant’s ambiance does not entirely encourage a long and relaxed
stay inside. As the owner herself proclaims; this is not so much a
restaurant as it is a place to peruse the selection of dishes; order items to be cooked, and then take
them home to your own kitchen.

The kitchen caters to customers’ take-away orders; so patrons can enjoy
a taste of Brazil
in their own homes. Along with lasagne, which is one of the kitchen’s highest
selling items; you can walk away with select finger foods, Brazilian focaccia
breads, raviolis and plenty of chicken, shrimp, meats and cheeses that are roasted
and sautéed. For lunch appetisers, expect a plethora of pastry rolls with
shrimp, cheese and chicken. If you would like to enjoy a single serving of the
meat lasagne, the rich multi-layer dish is yours for 40LE. The chicken focaccia
(35LE) is a savoury sandwich ensemble, sautéed with sweet and spicy seasonings,
and served piping hot.

The kitchen’s sweeter selection includes packages of rich brigadeiro chocolate desserts, the sugary coconut cocadas (selling for 2.50LE a piece, and
around 40LE per kilo if you are a fan), caramel tortes, pastries and cakes (25LE
upwards) of chocolate, vanilla, banana and carrot; all made to order.

Amelia’s Kitchen has been running for over ten years now, bringing
select Brazilian treats to tables for events and special occasions, as well as
for those days when you aren’t up for cooking yourself.

The eatery also sells
much of its home-cooked food frozen and ready to prepare, for those that would
like to plan ahead. Most ingredients are local; but you can order select meat
dishes of imported Brazilian beef for a taste of the kitchen’s homeland, or the
salgadinhos cheese bread made with tapioca flour, which is imported specially
and available upon request.

360 Tip

Amelia’s Kitchen offers delivery to most Cairo neighbourhoods, and is happy to provide catering specialised to your occasion.

Best Bit

As far as we know, Amelia’s Kitchen holds a monopoly on home-style Brazilian cuisine in Cairo. With friendly and individualised service, you may be enticed to try as many samples and sweets as you can.

Worst Bit

The entire menu is not always available; so be sure to call or stop by ahead of time if you have a specific request.

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