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Auntie LouLou

Auntie LouLou: Home-style Sweets in Maadi

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Nour Motawa
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Auntie LouLou: Home-style Sweets in Maadi

Stopping for a sweet snack while shopping in Cairo just got more fun with the opening of Auntie LouLou, a cute waffle and
crêpe bar serving up grandma’s kitchen-style treats and scrumptious snacks.
Located just next to Diwan on Maadi’s Road Nine, this tiny little venue will satisfy all
your favourite cravings. 

Cheerfully decorated in candy colours with just a few
tables and a small outdoor seating area, Auntie LouLou is a perfect pit stop
for a sweet snack in the sun or to bag a takeaway treat. The menu is short, but
gets straight to the point: selections include waffles with a variety of
toppings, a few types of crêpes, hot coffees and cold drinks, a handful of
cakes and a display case full of Rigoletto ice cream. 

Every waffle, crêpe and milkshake at Auntie LouLou is
made from scratch with home-style care. While this means a longer
wait, the end result is well worth it. Waffles are definitely the shop’s
signature item, so we decided to try one with a healthy dose of golden caramel
on top (20LE). Other tempting toppings include Nutella, chocolate and fresh
fruit as well as maple, cherry and sugar syrups and marshmallows (all 20LE) and
any flavour of ice cream (25LE). 

The crêpe selection offers fillings of chocolate or
caramel (13LE), Nutella (15LE), sugar (10LE) or ice cream and nuts (15LE). For
this reviewer, the choice was obvious: chocolate ice cream and nuts. 

To complement this sugary feast, we selected
a cappuccino and a classic vanilla milkshake, both 12LE. Other
tempting drink options include Maltesers and Nutella milkshakes for 15LE,
classic American coffee for 10LE and a hot mocha for 15LE. 

Our waffle arrived perfectly brown and drenched in
delicious caramel. Just the right combination of sticky and sweet, this waffle
did not survive for long on its plate. The crêpe was equally delicious,
although a few more seconds on the grill would have resulted in a nicer, crispier texture. Overflowing with chocolate ice cream and roughly chopped
mixed nuts, this crêpe made a delicious and refreshing treat.  

While the cappuccino was a little heavier than
average, Auntie LouLou’s confectionary credentials continued to shine in the
thick, perfectly blended vanilla milkshake; a satisfying and crave-worthy
rendition of a perennial favourite. 

A haven of sweet treats on Road Nine, Auntie LouLou’s
is a must-try pit stop for those craving great waffles and crêpes. As summer
approaches, this little shop is sure to become a favourite haunt for ice cream
lovers and milkshake addicts alike. 

360 Tip

For delicious and affordable ice cream check out Auntie LouLou's selection of Rigoletto flavours.

Best Bit

Simple and satisfying treats in a convenient location in Maadi.

Worst Bit

As the word spreads amongst Maadi's sugar worshippers, this tiny shop is about to get very crowded.

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