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Bell’s: More Relaxing Than Dining, More Cafe Than Restaurant

  • 12 Mostafa Kamel St.
  • Coffee Places,International,Juice Shops
  • 08:00 - 23:00
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Omar Yousry
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Bell’s: More Relaxing Than Dining, More Cafe Than Restaurant

Located on Maadi’s Mustafa Kamel Street, Bell’s is a subtly presented venue offering both an indoor and outdoor area with a relaxing and welcoming vibe. Pet and children friendly, the venue boasted a kid’s playing area, while pets are welcome in the outdoor area.

A classic wood theme dominates the furniture outside across a casual terrace feel, while the indoor area follows suit in its use of wood. The large glass windows let in just enough natural light into an airy space that is made to feel homely with features like small potted plants and a large bookcase. At the time of our visit, it was full of families, while still offering a nice, quiet place for anyone looking for a secluded location to study or get some work done.

We took our seats outside looking into the diverse menu that had everything from pizzas to pastas and even house specials. We opted for the Tex-Mex fries (46 LE) as our appetiser which came as potato wedges topped with minced beef and mozzarella cheese. Unfortunately, the wedges were undercooked and the beef was chewy and lacked seasoning, while the overcooked cheese didn’t help either.

After looking into the house specials we opted for the Bell’s Stuffed Chicken with a side of white rice and French fries (115LE), as well as the Beef Cheesy Sauce with a side of rice and mashed potatoes (140LE).

The chicken came as a single oven-grilled chicken breast stuffed with smoked beef, tomatoes and a scant amount of cheese with no sign of pesto or spinach as written in the menu. Though the chicken was thoroughly cooked, the issue was the beef, which didn’t have enough of that great smoky taste to it and didn’t add much in terms of flavour. When it came to the sides, the rice was cold and unevenly cooked, though the mashed potatoes were smooth and rich in flavour, thanks to the gravy sauce it was topped with.

When it came to the Beef Cheesy Sauce, we were informed that there was no fillet left in the kitchen and that it would be made with the beef used for stroganoff. Smothered with cheese sauce, the beef was drenched alongside pieces of smoked beef and pieces of mushroom. Though it had a nice, hearty taste to it, the beef was a slightly overcooked and chewy, though the biggest issues was the overpowering cheesy sauce that hid almost any taste to the beef instead of complimenting it.

The rice had the same problem as previously mentioned, while the French fries were standard, save for the spices that gave them a little kick.

Overall Bell’s is a safe choice to sit if you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of Cairo’s chaotic noise; but the number of issues with the food suggests that that’s as far as it goes. This cafe-restaurant is more cafe than restaurant.

(Header Image: Bell’s/Facebook)

360 Tip

As disappointed as we were with the food, Bell's menu is huge, covering breakfast options, pastas, pizzas, pastries, salads and even some make-your-own sandwich fun.

Best Bit

The venue itself is very inviting. It's 'very Maadi', if you know what we mean.

Worst Bit

Don't expect to anything unique or out-of-the-ordinary when it comes to food that was disappointing at the time of our visit.

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