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Brazilian Coffee Shop: Delicious, Fresh Coffee Beans in Alexandria

  • 44, Saad Zaghloul Street
  • Coffee Places
  • 7:30AM- 10PM -
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Hannah Cooper
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Brazilian Coffee Shop: Delicious, Fresh Coffee Beans in Alexandria

If you’re anything like this reviewer, the experience of a freshly
ground, aromatic cup of coffee is something that brings utter joy to the
morning, or any time of day for that matter. Sometimes, heading all the way to
Alexandria for a decent cup of coffee is well worth the 200km drive.

Brazilian Coffee Shop in Alexandria is a basic coffee shop located on Saad
Zaghloul Street (in front of the Stock Market) in Ramleh; but it’s not your
typical café.

Thanks to the open shop front, you might smell the delicious
waft of coffee roasting before you even see the shop; walk in to experience an
ultimate stimulation of the senses.

Burlap coffee sacks line the high-rise walls, a boisterous coffee
roaster works its magic in the corner, and dark bar stools with cream cushions
line the window and the wooden oblong counter. Mirrors line one wall behind the
counter, while florescent lighting bounces off the tunnel-shaped ceiling and
counters with the green-and-white-tiled floor. While there is seating available
upstairs in the newly remodelled area, the stand-up atmosphere downstairs
creates an undeniable coolness.

The staff take their Brazilian coffee roots seriously with their
matching jerseys and smiling faces; ready to make you a cup. Your standard
coffee options are on the menu, including a regular cup for approximately 8LE
along with espresso shots served in a slew of preferences including con panna,
café au lait and latté.

Due to this reviewer’s obsession with foam and preference for the
macchiato and cappuccino family, we chose a double-shot macchiato (7LE), which
comes served with a dainty dollop of foam, providing just the right amount
of creaminess before your taste buds hit that bitter roast.

For a simple twist of decadence, an almond-flavoured cappuccino
(approximately 11LE) is served with a perfectly subtle amount of fresh almond
extract. The spot-on foam makes it that much better.

Though it obviously focuses on coffee, Brazilian Coffee Shop isn’t short
on food items, either. The pastry case is filled with fresh pastries on a daily
basis including croissants, pâtés and cakes starting around 5LE. For a cheap
breakfast fix, stop by in the morning for their fresh toast or pâté and a cup
of hot cappuccino for less than 15LE.

So on your next trip to Alexandria, drop by this coffee place to catch,
smell and taste its coffee magic for yourself. It truly is a delight!

360 Tip

They open at 7:30AM, a great way to rise and shine!

Best Bit

Great prices and service, tasty coffee, and an old, nostalgic atmosphere. It doesn't get much better.

Worst Bit

From the open street to the coffee roaster, things can be a bit loud.

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