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Caffé Trombetta

Caffé Trombetta: Quiet Coffee Space in Zamalek

  • 1A, El Sayed El Bakry St.
  • Coffee Places
  • 7AM-1AM -
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Hannah Cooper
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Caffé Trombetta: Quiet Coffee Space in Zamalek

If you’re anything like this reviewer, a quality cup of coffee is as
important if not more important than getting dressed each morning. When the
going is rough and a stop off at a local café is a must, so much disappoint has
been found in those cardboard cups. Here’s a little place in Zamalek that makes good coffee.

Caffé Trombetta is located on El Sayed El Bakry Street next
to No
Big Deal.
Expect nothing out of the ordinary with this little venue, though.
A two-storey café decorated with sterile colours and streamlined furniture,
this international coffee chain is a little drab on both the ambience and the

Upstairs, TVs are posted at nearly every metre; so don’t worry about
missing your latest designer fashion show as the fashion channel is Trombetta’s
favourite. The window seats offer a view of the street below, providing some
sunlight from what would otherwise be a dim sitting area.

Trombetta’s staff are on top of their game from the moment you enter
until you pay the check. If you’re
opting for takeaway, place your order at the bar to avoid the fashion mirage
upstairs. Seating is available on both levels.

Breakfast, lunch and dessert options on the menu provide variety. For between 12LE
to 25LE, you can order an omelette or light sandwich. Pastas (19LE to 38LE) are
also available along with crêpes and simple salads. For 21.95LE, the chocolate
cake is served hot and drizzled with chocolate sauce, but that didn’t cover up
the cake’s dryness and spongy texture. The cheesecake, for the same price, was
equally as massive with a standard consistency and little flavour.

When it comes to the primary reason that cafés are so important, though;
Trombetta doesn’t falter. Serving the famous Lavazza brand, coffees include
your standard latté, espresso and cappuccino. True to form, the regular
cappuccino (12.95LE) was exceptionally well-prepared; creamy and smooth, 1/3 of
the cup was dense, sweet foam.

Non-coffee options are available as well, including fruit smoothies (16LE
to 20LE). For 9.95LE, an iced tea comes with foam and is refreshingly sweet.

While Trombetta doesn’t stick out on the coolness spectrum, it does provide
a quiet workspace and quality cup of Joe when you’ve got a pit stop on the

360 Tip

Wi-Fi is available.

Best Bit

It’s a trusted coffee source and for that, we are grateful.

Worst Bit

The chocolate cake was disappointingly dry.

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