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Chacho: Advancing the Waffle & Crêpe Market in Cairo

  • 22, 83 Street, off of Road Nine
  • Sunday - Thursday 8AM - 1AM Weekends 9AM - 1AM -
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Chacho: Advancing the Waffle & Crêpe Market in Cairo

whatever reason, waffles, crêpes, and ice cream have become quite a noticeable
niche market in Cairo. One of the more
recent entries into this market is Chacho, located around the corner from
Barclay’s Bank on Road Nine, Maadi. 

indeed offers a new, relatively cheap experience even amongst its closest
competitors. In the place of retro
American diner-style, Chacho has two granite tables and a granite counter,
where customers sit in comfortable red leather stools. While a flat-screen TV shows football, the staff cooks up the food behind the counter right next to the
seating area. The smell of fresh waffles
and crêpes is unavoidable.

features a menu of sweet and salty waffles and crêpes. The offered toppings are pretty much the same
for both the waffles and crêpes. You can
choose Nutella, candy and fruit for the sweet varieties, and chicken, beef,
tuna, or vegetables for the savoury ones. In addition, you can enjoy a variety
of hot and cold drinks such as cappuccino (14LE), hot chocolate (15LE), smoothies
(20LE), or special house drinks called CinaCool, ChachoCool, and Chacho Spring
(17LE to 23LE). 

For any
time of day, it’s hard to go wrong with the black & white crêpe, filled
with Nutella and bananas, and covered in chocolate sauce (21LE). Not only is it filling enough to be a
satisfying breakfast or lunch; the crêpe itself is also really good and
fresh. Like the rest of the food at
Chacho; expect your order to be ready in five minutes or less.

If you are
looking for something heartier, for a larger lunch or even dinner, try the grilled
chicken waffle (23LE) that comes with grilled chicken, mozzarella cheese,
tomato, onion and dressing. While the
chicken, cheese and waffle are terrific; beware that this dish also comes with
a healthy portion of chopped olives that it could do without. Even so, the grilled chicken waffle has just
the right mix of sugar and salt.

As for the
drinks, the specialty cold drinks come at a reasonable price, but they are
definitely very sweet. Perhaps try the
CinaCool (20LE), but ask for less syrup.
As is, the CinaCool is delicious but leaves an overly artificial syrup
aftertaste in your mouth. Still, the
sugar overkill is the worst part of an otherwise highly enjoyable meal.

If you want
a step up from the usual chicken and waffle experience around Cairo, Chacho is
definitely worth a visit. Even if you
just happen to be in the neighbourhood with a friend; the sweet crêpes and
waffles would definitely be enough for two along with an iced tea (14LE) or an espresso

360 Tip

Bring your own bottle of water and order a sweet crêpe.

Best Bit

Fast service, low-key atmosphere and great sweet crêpes.

Worst Bit

The specialty drinks can be way too sugary.

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