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Chip Me: Fresh Cookies Booth Opens at Sheikh Zayed’s Arkan Mall

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Chip Me: Fresh Cookies Booth Opens at Sheikh Zayed’s Arkan Mall

Chip Me has just opened at Arkan Mall, mainly serving freshly-baked, stuffed cookies and coffee. If you check its profile on Instagram, you won’t be able to resist the urge to give it a go. What’s unique about it is the fact that the dough is pre-made, and then baked upon request; every cookie is served hot and fluffy – straight out of the oven.

The moment you pass the main entrance, you’ll find Chip Me on your right along with three other booths. Its sign also glows so vividly at night that you can’t really miss it. We went there at around 10.00 PM, which is late – however, they open until 11.00 PM as per the IG profile. We stood leaning on the counter thinking which cookies we should get; there were six cookies on display: S’mores, Nutella Stuffed, Reese’s, Lotus, Kinder, and Chocolate chip. We were told that a new Double-chocolate flavour was available, but they had run out of it, as well as the chocolate chip. It was the end of the day, so we understood that this was normal. We decided to try the first four flavours; S’mores, and Nutella (34.20LE each), then Reese’s, and Lotus for (39.90LE each). Since they bake them on request – we had to wait a few minutes. The cookies came out hot and tender; we have to say – they weren’t as sizable as they looked in the pictures; they were smaller and with less stuffing for sure. That aside, the best thing is that the dough itself was not over-sugary, which gave the flavours room to pop. For us, the Nutella, and Reese’s stole the spotlight; they were a great bite.

Afterwards, we wanted to try the coffee – turns out Chip Me uses 30 North coffee, and we opted for one Iced Cappuccino (30.78LE) – coffee with a bit of sugar and skimmed milk. Undoubtedly, after all that sweetness in the cookies – we couldn’t taste the sugar in the iced cappuccino, but we liked its mild sweetness. As we were still standing in front of the booth watching another order being made, we spotted the Cookie Dough Shake (68.40LE) – it’s basically ice-cream, milk, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and one cookie. One half of the cookie is blended inside the mix, while the other half is placed on top – we chose the Kinder cookie for the shake. It was quite the thick shake; sugary, creamy, and flavourful for sure – if that’s your kind of milkshake, then definitely go for it.

We had fun trying out the different flavours at Chip Me; however, it is safe to say that, for their size, it was quite an expensive visit. It could be the fact that it is at Arkan Mall, or that they’re stuffed and freshly baked – but at the end of the day, the shake was also fairly expensive. Prices aside, this fresh cookie booth is worth a try; there is a new Red Velvet stuffed cookie coming soon – sounds interesting.

360 Tip

Chip Me also delivers all over Cairo.

Best Bit

Nutella, and Reese’s cookies.

Worst Bit

Prices are on the steep side.   

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