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Chunky Chocolate Chips & Cream Cheese Frosting: The Capital’s Best Cookies and Cakes

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Chunky Chocolate Chips & Cream Cheese Frosting: The Capital’s Best Cookies and Cakes
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    Cookies and cakes are the solutions to all of our problems. Whether it’s those chunky chocolate chips or that moist vanilla cake, these ingredients make us drool and bring happiness to our tummies. Because life is all about comfort food, here is a list of 7 venues that will give your stomach a hug!


    Voila is pretty famous on Instagram with 13.1k followers. They serve a beautiful array of cakes, and also sell pastries and chocolates. Cake prices vary depending on the type.


    Lotus, red velvet, peanut butter, and Nutella cookies! With these gooey, sticky fillings and appetising appearance, we cannot resist their cookies. Moullie’s recent project was to hold workshops in public schools to teach young women how to make the best cookies with the least cost.  Prices start from 150 EGP per dozen.

    Yummy Cakes by Samah

    Looks matter, but what matters most is what’s on the inside. Yummy Cakes focuses on not just how artistic their cakes are but on how YUMMY they taste. They are located in New Cairo with the best reviews on Facebook.

    Bakery’s Scent

    This page makes our mouth water, and just knowing that the owner was born in 1998 and worked two summers in America to save up and open his own kitchen makes our heart melt. Bakery’s Scent is known for their Vanilla Chunks, and Double Choco Chunk Cookies and prices are affordable, starting at 160 EGP per kilo.

    Ruffles House

    Ruffles moist cakes that are wrapped with velvet fondue will boost your mood in less than a second. It’s the best birthday cake with their unique designs and touch of creativity in each creation.

    It’s Weirdough

    The cure for all chocoholics out there, It’s Weirdough make us all go crazy with their chunky looking cookies, and we can’t stop zoning out. Their cookies come in all shapes and flavours, and prices start at 30 EGP per cookie.

    Double S

    This 22-year-old graduate discovered her talent and started going crazy in her own kitchen, Double S creates themed dessert booths for birthday parties and other events.