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D Waffles

D Waffles: Tasty Waffles at Reasonable Prices in Downtown Cairo

  • 4 Hoda Shaarawy St.
  • Bakeries & Patisseries
  • 11AM-4AM -
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Katie Dryden
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D Waffles: Tasty Waffles at Reasonable Prices in Downtown Cairo

Opening just over two months ago in Downtown Cairo, D Waffles is already luring in customers with its delightful and sweet spongy desserts.  It’s a quite small venue – essentially a kiosk with a few seats, high stools and narrow tables attached to the wall – but from a sweet-toothed Cairene’s perspective, its arrival to Downtown is an exceedingly pleasant one.  Here they serve up the warmest, spongiest waffles with a generous choice of tasty toppings and at reasonable prices, too.

The choice of toppings are displayed behind a glass counter and range from marshmallows, flavoured syrups, chocolate chips and crushed biscuits, to a range of fruit, including kiwi, strawberry and blackberries.

During our short wait, the smell of the waffles being cooked was absolutely sensational; they are heated in a special machine and it is possible to watch as the staff decorates it with your choice of toppings. 

The most expensive item on the menu, and one of our orders, costs 25LE and consists of one large circular waffle topped with four different toppings of your choice.  It’s served up in four slices, like a pizza; one slice was drizzled in warm Nutella and white-chocolate sauce; the second slice was covered with sliced strawberries and drizzled with even more Nutella; while the third was doused in blueberry compote and the fourth was with white chocolate chips and white chocolate sauce.  This was by far the best waffle we’ve eaten in some time

We also opted to try the simple waffle with a topping of Nutella only which came in two sizes: the special at 15LE and the regular at 13LE. 

In addition, there is a small range of drinks available, all costing 15LE and divided into two varieties: milkshakes or smoothies.  The milkshake menu offers Oreo, Twix, Mars Bar or Snickers flavours and are topped with whipped cream and crushed biscuits/chocolate pieces.  On the smoothies menu, you can choose from peach, strawberry, banana, mango or cocktail – the latter costing a little more at 18LE.  All drink options are quite heavy and are almost a dessert in themselves, particularly the milkshakes which are thick and creamy with a creamy topping you can eat with a spoon.

All-in-all, there’s little to dislike about D Waffles – it delivers what it promises and that in itself is an achievement.

360 Tip

D Waffles delivers and is open till 4AM; call 01011898116.

Best Bit

Freshly made, tasty waffles with plenty of topping option - and at reasoable prices.

Worst Bit

As a venue, it's small and lacking the kind of flair it's waffles have.

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