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Dip n Dip

Dip n Dip: Chocolate Central at Americana Plaza

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Dina Mokhtar
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Dip n Dip: Chocolate Central at Americana Plaza

Among the countless discoveries that changed the world, chocolate may not be the cleverest of all, but the sweetest indeed. 3100 years ago, an unknown Aztec – to whom we're eternally grateful – discovered chocolate while attempting to prepare a celebratory beer-like drink. Ever since, chocolate has become not only a refuge for the sweet-toothed, but also a culinary muse around which an entire menu can revolve –which is exactly the case with Dip n Dip.

Celebrating such a magical ingredient, Dip n Dip's menu boasts a variety of crêpes, cakes and waffles, as well as a selection of dippers with which you can enjoy your favourite type of chocolate fondue.  As chocolate lovers, we couldn't resist the temptation to try Americana Plaza's branch to see how they fared.

Like many other places in Americana Plaza, Dip n Dip has a vast outdoor area where you can enjoy your dessert in the fresh air. There are also a couple of tables indoors, where we couldn’t help but notice the three ever-running chocolate fountains adorning the marble counter, from which the wonder makers –in the eye of any chocolate devotee- are adding their final touches to whatever comes out of the kitchen. Each fountain of those three represents a type of chocolate; white, dark and milk chocolate.

After greetings and seating, we were handed the menu from which we opted for Triple Chocolate Waffle (40-LE), Milk Chocolate Fondue (40-LE) with two choices of fresh pineapple and Cream Puffs as dippers (25-LE). For drinks, we ordered Dip n Dip Chocolate Freezy (45-LE) and Iced Cappuccino (35-LE).

Though it wasn’t a busy day for Dip n Dip, we waited for 15 minutes before the drinks were placed on the table.

 As a balanced blend of chocolate and vanilla milk shake; the smooth-textured Dip n Dip Chocolate Freezy was perfect. It also had a bit of a crunch, thanks to the good amount of chocolate chips added to it. 

When it came to the Iced Cappuccino, the waiter earlier suggested we balanced the sharp taste of coffee by adding a flavour. But the sharp taste of the coffee was the least of our concerns, because the drink as a whole was watery and lacking in consistency.

The arrival of the drinks kept us in anticipation for the desserts to follow. But contrary to what we expected, we waited for another 30 minutes until the rest of the order was served.

Rubbing salt into the wound; the waffle was crumbly and dry despite being served under a dense layer of dark, white and milk chocolate. But looking on the bright side, the chocolate topping harmoniously gathered the best of the three types of chocolate; the creamy taste of the white chocolate, the sweetness of the milk chocolate and the intense flavour of the dark chocolate –marking itself as the highlight of the Triple Chocolate Waffle.

Fortunately, the chocolate fondue came to wash away the disappointments; lusciously melting above a candle to keep its consistency, the milk chocolate complemented the sour taste of the pineapple, as well as the fresh cream puffs.

Despite the service being very slow, we have to admit that Dip n Dip has what it takes to satisfy a chocoholic. However, we recommend going there with an empty stomach, because we were gasping for breath after our visit.

360 Tip

You can also find Dip n Dip in Citystars and Cairo Festival City.

Best Bit

The Dip n Dip Chocolate Freezy.

Worst Bit

The slow service.

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