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Dippie Doo

Dippie Doo: Fanciful Fruit & Fondue in Heliopolis

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Dippie Doo: Fanciful Fruit & Fondue in Heliopolis

Egypt is known for its juicy, tasty fruits which are generally seen more as a commodity than a luxury. Celebrating such delicious produce, Dippie Doo on Ankara Street in Heliopolis offers an exciting array of sweet and fruity creations. The ‘fruit café’ is small but spacious, decorated in jolly hues of bright green, yellow and red with several matching tables and colourful stools for those who prefer eating in.

Both the preparation counter and the dining area are spotlessly clean and whilst the fruit is kept covered for freshness, the staff also wore disposable gloves to ensure maximum hygiene.

Along with healthy, low fat fruit and yoghurt snacks, sugary treats include waffles (15LE-25LE), banana splits (24.99LE), marshmallow dipping creations (13.99LE-24.99LE), fruit kebabs covered with chocolate (8.99LE) and chocolate fondue (19.99LE-23.99LE). The ice-cream (14.99LE-21.90LE) and frozen yoghurt (15.99LE-22.99LE) also come with a wide selection of toppings; from chocolate chips, granola and biscuit wafers, to fresh fruit.

A variety of sodas, fresh juices, yoghurt drinks and fruit flavoured water are all available. However, their natural blackberry juice (19.99LE) was incredibly bitty but fresh, tangy and, as blackberries usually are, teeth-grittingly sweet.

We couldn’t resist the look of the choc o’ doo hazelnut chocolate cup (24.99LE), with our choice of cantaloupe, kiwi, banana and green grapes. The large plastic cup was half filled with perfectly ripe and flavourful fruit, whilst the other half was filled with gooey, hazelnut chocolate sauce and a scrumptious Oreo wafer and white chocolate base. Because of its richness, the entire cup was difficult to finish, no matter how much we wanted to.

Secondly, we ordered a small frozen yoghurt pot with three toppings (18.99LE); butterscotch chocolate chips, moist mango pieces and crunchy granola. The natural, frozen yoghurt was delicious, creamy and smooth; however, there appeared to be a lot more yoghurt than there were toppings. 

Dippie Doo combines Egypt’s famous, healthy, ripe fruit with guilty pleasures such as chocolate and sweet treats; creating delicious, morish snacks. 

360 Tip

Dippie Doo also sell a number of unusual sweets and biscuits.

Best Bit

The fruit and chocolate pot.

Worst Bit

Each creation was made lovingly, so this meant we were waiting a while for our order.

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