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Donut Factory

Donut Factory: Delicious Doughnuts in Cairo’s Citystars

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Salma Tantawi
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Donut Factory: Delicious Doughnuts in Cairo’s Citystars

Two years
ago, a doughnut haven called Donut Factory opened in Citystars Mall,
much to the excitement of sweet-toothed Egyptians everywhere. Today, Donut
Factory can easily vie for the title of best doughnuts in Cairo, although there
isn’t much competition out there to be honest.

this doughnut stall does offer tasty and fresh creations that melt right away
with your first bite, as well as seven sugary and colourful topping choices.
Made right in front of you and always delivered hot, the best doughnuts,
according to this reviewer, are covered with mocha and lemon icings; those
sweet toppings are definitely enough reason to go back to Donut Factory
for more.

Though it’s
fun to see your doughnut in the making through the booth’s glass walls, you may
want to order a pack of doughnuts if you’re feeling particularly hungry. The single mini-doughnut
(3.15LE) is exactly the size of the angle between your thumb and index finger, and
fillings are not always available. Nonetheless, those tiny bits of heaven are
so delicious; they’re worth ordering anyway.

A box of
five mini-doughnuts with your choice of topping costs 13.15LE, or you can order
the breakfast combo (10LE) of five sugar-topped doughnuts in addition to a coffee.

coffee can be hit-and-miss in Cairo, but Donut Factory won’t disappoint with
their aromatic espresso and coffee. Better yet, cool down in the unforgiving
Cairo heat with a monster size of a moo milkshake (30LE), which you can choose
from an impressive list of more than thirty flavours. Their snack bar isn’t
just there to sell chocolates either; you can pick your favourite chocolate
brand and ask them to blitz it up into an ice cream.

Donut Factory
is the place to go for a quick sugary treat or for some dessert after having
had a meal at Citystars’ fast food court. Every doughnut calls for another one,
and though it’s not quite up to the same standards as Dunkin’ Donuts or Krispy
Kreme, it’s definitely a step in the right direction when it comes to this most
delicious of American delicacy.

360 Tip

Unfortunately, Donut Factory only delivers to City Stars buildings.

Best Bit

Fresh and delicious mini-doughnuts and efficient service.

Worst Bit

The different flavoured icing's aren't always available.

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