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Dutchess: Waffles and Crêpes in Mohandiseen

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Haisam Awad
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Dutchess: Waffles and Crêpes in Mohandiseen

and crêpes are a refreshing anomaly of food that is versatile and often
delicious. No matter which way you look at it, the very idea of cooked dough
and toppings invariably makes your mouth water. The mind can only run wild with
the possibilities. For better and for worse, these are the fundamentals on
which Dutchess, a small eatery in Mohandiseen, is built.

are always high when so much is promised. Choosing between both savoury or
sweet crêpes and waffles is difficult enough, let alone choosing your toppings.
The menu itself will drive you mad, as you calculate every possible

with the savoury, there are six options. You can choose between chicken and
mushroom with béchamel sauce, a feast of four types of cheese, turkey, salami,
or hotdog with cheese, and a vegetarian option with cheese, corn, olives and
pepper for between 22LE and 26LE. They also offer the same combinations in
paninis for between 18LE and 22LE. The waffles are sliced up pizza-style, and
the crêpes are cut up into bite-sized squares; both are delivered promptly.

all the wondrous promises of the creative menu, the waffle and crêpe are bland
and pretty devoid of taste; the staff at Dutchess seems to be relying on the
toppings to give you the flavour experience that you’re craving.

aside, the real fun was always going to be in the sweet half of the menu. For
20LE you get one topping on your waffle or crêpe, with an extra 3LE for every
other topping that you wish to have your plated gluttony decorated with. Seven
types of chocolate are afforded here, with the only distinction being the brand
name. You can have Nutella, Hershey’s, Kinder, Lindt, Galaxy, Toblerone or some
sort of white chocolate. Predictably, as with other sections of the toppings
menu, they aren’t all available.

onto the syrups, you have everything from the always dependable maple, caramel
and chocolate varieties to fruit syrups such as banana, blueberry and
strawberry. Depending on the season, a range of fruits is also available for
those that are dieting, and those that are just boring and unadventurous. Why have apples and
strawberries when you can have peanut butter and whipped cream? It’s a

is especially true with the suitably named ‘Special Toppings’ section. Behind
the counter is a shelf full of goodies that taunt you like the forbidden fruit
taunted Adam. Among the sins on offer are chocolate chips, cookies,
marshmallows, M&Ms, Maltesers, and Egypt’s greatest gift to its people,
Jelly Cola.

the dough is bland, and only a 5LE-serving of vanilla ice cream saves the day.
To wash all those calories down, try a freshly made strawberry, orange, lemon,
mango, or banana juice for 10LE, or an Oreo, Twix, or Kit Kat milkshake for

it’s not perfect, Dutchess gives you so many options; you can’t help but go
back for more in hope of refining the perfect creation.

360 Tip

Dutchess delivers to Mohandiseen, Dokki, Agouza and Zamalek.

Best Bit

Countless toppings make for countless combos.

Worst Bit

The waffle and crêpe recipe isn’t quite there yet.

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