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Etman Bakery

Etman Bakery: Tasty Downtown Cairo Bakery

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Hannah Cooper
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Etman Bakery: Tasty Downtown Cairo Bakery

bakeries in Downtown Cairo are in no way difficult to come by, this little
family-owned gem is a must for any Downtown dweller or non-dweller alike.

on Mohamed Mahmoud Street, near Costa Coffee and Isis Supermarket, is Etman Bakery. You have
to keep an eye out for it as it’s definitely not the type of venue that you’d
notice enough to stop and linger. Etman Bakery has the entrance of your typical,
straightforward bakery; where stopping in to grab a kilo of the traditional
jelly-filled cookies is the usual.

if you look further, you’ll find that Etman Bakery is home to much more than those
standard cookies. Instead, the bakery regularly produces a slew of cookie and
bread varieties, along with mini-pretzels that are great for snacking on and
not easily found in Cairo. The mini-pretzels cost around 5LE for half a kilo,
but they aren’t available every day either. Baguettes are also offered; a must
for any baker’s shelf.

While the
croissants (0.75LE) are one of our favourite picks, you must catch them in the
morning. They’re piled high, fresh out of the oven and not too greasy.

If you’re
in the mood for something sweeter, the coconut macaroons (approx. 12LE per
kilo) are hit-and-miss. They’re delicately topped with shaved coconut and soft
on the inside. While the texture is fantastic; they’re often stale. The
powdered lemon cookies are a little messy, but they’re also a simple and sweet

A unique offering that has us going back is the delectable crispy flatbread. At
8LE for half a kilo, the flatbread consists of a few different toppings
including rosemary, sesame and cheese. The bread is perfect for open-face
sandwiches or paired with your favourite dip.

staff are usually on the ball and will get your order in no time. However, if you’re
stopping by in the early morning, you may find yourself waking up with the rest
of them. Sometimes, the staff can be a little grumpy.

360 Tip

If you don’t catch it fresh; you may want to hold off until the next morning.

Best Bit

Hands down, the flatbread.

Worst Bit

Pass on the jelly cookies.

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