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Farghaly: Popular Juice Shop in Mohandiseen

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Hannah Cooper
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Farghaly: Popular Juice Shop in Mohandiseen

There’s nothing like a fresh cup of juice to brighten
up your day in Cairo. If you’re anything like this reviewer, juice is at its
best not only when it’s satisfying but provides a little sustenance simultaneously.

As is the case with shisha places and
foul kiosks, juice shops are spread out through all neighbourhoods in Cairo,
offering cheap and freshly pressed juice drinks, often made right before your
own eyes. A staple in many Cairenes’ lives, juice shops are a common haunt at
the end of a long evening with friends, or a necessary remedy on a hot summer

The always-busy Farghaly juice shop has been around in
Cairo for quite some time now, earning itself a reputation for tasty juice and
ice cream. Located on the corner of Gamaat El Dowal Street in Mohandiseen, this
particular branch is never empty.

While Farghaly looks like a typical juice joint, they
turn over orders in a military-like fashion; they’re quick and efficient. The
interior’s circular design provides more breathing room than usual; so it’s not
suffocating. Navigate your way to the cashier in the back, place your order and
hand over the receipt to the trumpeters.

Standard juices are available including orange,
strawberry, guava and lemon as well as other concoctions including cocktails
and hot drinks such as sahlab. If they don’t have what you’re looking for on
the menu, make an inquiry and they can whip up a creative cocktail of the available

For a regular orange juice, 1.75LE was light on the
wallet but it didn’t impress us with its expired taste. Seeing as how
strawberries and kiwi were in season at the time of this review, they seemed to
be a safer bet. On the other hand, our date and milk juice was more like a
refreshing shake. The date provides just enough sweetness and a speckled
texture, while the milk cuts it evenly with its creamy texture. Looking for a
little energy? This shake is delicious for a mere 2LE.

The ice cream counter on the pavement always has a queue
of customers, but we’ve always opted to stick to the juice.

Farghaly is a great place when the moment calls
for quick refreshment with minimal hassle. Too lazy to actually step outside of
your car? Place your order and have it delivered to your window; it’s as easy
as that.

360 Tip

Take a stab at the cocktail with loads of bananas; they looked tempting.

Best Bit

The date and milk juice!

Worst Bit

If you go in the evening, expect to wade through a sea of people.

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