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Feng Cha: Taiwan’s Favourite Boba Tea Flavours in the Heart of Maadi

Boba bubble tea Feng Cha
Feng Cha: Taiwan’s Favourite Boba Tea Flavours in the Heart of Maadi

We all know that whenever we dive deep into the streets of Maadi, we will find some incredible underrated hidden gem. Feng Cha is one of those places that serves up this unique tea trend that took the world by storm a few years ago. Although it is a relatively recent drink trend, bubble tea, or boba, has been a popular drink in Asian countries since the ’80s. Somewhere between a hip beverage and a snack, this crazy concoction seems to have grabbed the attention of teenagers and adults alike thanks to its variety of colours, flavours, and textures.

The best thing is, we don’t have to travel all the way to Taiwan to try the crazy bubble tea flavours. Feng Cha has brought Maadi a taste of Taiwan that you don’t find anywhere else. The store opens daily from 11 AM to 11 PM and is located just beside the famous Korean restaurant, Tomato – you can’t miss it. The cosy spot has a few outdoor tables and a couple inside; however, the drinks are better enjoyed as you stroll down Street 232 rather than sitting.

We entered the shop and decided to each get a flavour: we went with one Creamy Taro Boba (70 LE) –  and the signature Brown Sugar Dirty Boba Tea (70 LE). The flavour of the Taro Boba was sweet and nutty; when taro is cooked, it tastes much similar to sweet potatoes but has a distinctive purple colour. As for the Brown Sugar Boba, the first taste of black boba can be a surprise. The texture is chewy and bouncy, with an almost liquorice flavour to it. Both drinks were creamy, rich, dense, and quite flavourful – they were leaning more toward snacks than drinks, especially that the tapioca balls can be quite filling.

Feng Cha has various unique flavours on offer, such as Matcha, Wolfberry, Sakura, and more. Make sure to ask if there are any unique flavours available when you visit their branch in Maadi or their newly opened store in New Cairo.

360 Tip

The newly added Sakura flavour (Cherry Blossom flavour) is only available on weekends

Best Bit

The unique flavours

Worst Bit

Some flavours aren’t always available

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