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Five Cairo Dessert Places You’ll Be Addicted to in 2014

Five Cairo Dessert Places You’ll Be Addicted to in 2014
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Cairo 360

While a new year signals the beginning of better living and better eating for many, we’ve chosen to embrace the sugary treats we all invariably crave. But with the likes of Nola Cupcakes positioned as a guaranteed pleaser, it’s easy to forget that Egyptians’ inherent love for desserts and sweets means that there are plenty of places across Cairo to satisfy even the most demanding sweet-toothed Cairene.

Mrs Fields

Hidden inside Nile-side venue cluster, Club 33, Zamalek’s Mrs Fields and her team are committed to providing fresh, delicious cookies that’ll rival your grandmothers’ recipes. With the sticky fudge chocolate cookie being a firm favourite at Cairo 360, Mrs Fields provides a welcome alternative to the continuing flood of cupcakes.


A big name worldwide, Paul’s restaurant and boulangerie offers up authentically French, fresh loaves and flavourful pastries in a charming, relaxed setting. With a choice between a full meal or just dessert and a coffee, Paul is the perfect place for an afternoon of sweet-tooth-indulgence. Classic desserts, perfectly made.


As a firm favourite with Heliopolites, Dukes can be described as quaint, nice, lovely, comfy and many other cutesy words. With presentation held in high regard by the patisserie, the idea of eating with your eyes has never seemed more real than at Dukes. The highlight of their heavenly creations is the pretty as a picture dirt cakes.

Dusit Gourmet

You can have a top-notch lunch at Dusit Gourmet, but what the Dusit Thani LakeView Cairo’s charming eatery really excels at is it desserts. With a wonderful selection of chocolates and cakes available for taking away or eating in, this is still the best place satisfy your sweet-tooth cravings in an ever expanding New Cairo.

Tiny Treats

One of the newer cupcake shops in Cairo, Tiny Treats has snuck its way on to the list thanks to the bakery’s adventurous twists on the little cakes. With bubblegum and Reese’s cupcake flavours, Tiny Treats has made an effort to stand out from the crowd and although the appearance of the shop won’t wow you, their cupcakes just might.

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