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The Batter Half & Co.: Popular Cairo Confectioner Adds Ice Cream to its Repertoire
Published On: 10/10/2016

Four years ago, the Batter Half and Co. opened its first shop in Zamalek and it wasn't long before it earned a wide fan base with their signature Chocolate Heaven and Red Velvet Cake. Comfortably nestled among the best confectionary shops in Cairo, the Batter Half & Co. decided to take it up a notch this summer by offering ice cream lovers a selection of flavours to choose from. Wondering if The Batter Half and Co. has what it takes to impress ice cream addicts, we made up our minds to go and see for ourselves. Arriving a little bit too early, the ice cream hadn't been put on display yet, so we had to wait for about 10 minutes before everything was in its place. Besides a number of innovative flavours like red velvet and biscuit, we found some fruity flavours like mango and lemon as well as the universally-loved flavours including Nutella, coffee and caramel. Easy as it was to choose what flavours we wanted to try, the process of having them scooped was laborious for the staff; the stone-hard ice cream needed to rest a little before it could be served. But with the lemon being the only flavour supple enough, we decided to have one scoop (15LE) in a cone until the rest of our order was ready, which happened to be a scoop of biscuit, caramel and coffee ice cream . We had mixed feelings about the lemon; despite being the creamiest lemon ice cream we've ever tasted, we expected a zestier taste worthy of the distinctive flavour of lemon. In regards to the cone, we can't really judge given that we were too early to have a freshly-baked one, but the flavoursome buttery taste made up for the slight limpness the cone had. Thinking that it would taste like baby food, we were a bit skeptical about the biscuit ice cream, but it turned out to be the highlight of our visit; in addition to being as tasty as fresh butter cookies, it had an exquisite grainy texture – something we never thought we'd enjoy in an ice cream. Flavoursome and rich, the coffee ice cream also had crunchy bits of something that we honestly couldn't identify. Whether they were chocolate chips, coffee beans or both, those bits boosted the flavour as a whole. Just as good, the caramel flavour had a natural taste without being over sweet. Now that we liked almost every single ice cream flavour we tasted at The Batter Half & Co., it's clear that the place mastered the art of ice cream making –all the more reason to love it.


Dip n Dip: Chocolate Central at Americana Plaza
Published On: 05/10/2016

Among the countless discoveries that changed the world, chocolate may not be the cleverest of all, but the sweetest indeed. 3100 years ago, an unknown Aztec – to whom we're eternally grateful - discovered chocolate while attempting to prepare a celebratory beer-like drink. Ever since, chocolate has become not only a refuge for the sweet-toothed, but also a culinary muse around which an entire menu can revolve –which is exactly the case with Dip n Dip. Celebrating such a magical ingredient, Dip n Dip's menu boasts a variety of crêpes, cakes and waffles, as well as a selection of dippers with which you can enjoy your favourite type of chocolate fondue. As chocolate lovers, we couldn't resist the temptation to try Americana Plaza's branch to see how they fared. Like many other places in Americana Plaza, Dip n Dip has a vast outdoor area where you can enjoy your dessert in the fresh air. There are also a couple of tables indoors, where we couldn't help but notice the three ever-running chocolate fountains adorning the marble counter, from which the wonder makers –in the eye of any chocolate devotee- are adding their final touches to whatever comes out of the kitchen. Each fountain of those three represents a type of chocolate; white, dark and milk chocolate. After greetings and seating, we were handed the menu from which we opted for Triple Chocolate Waffle (40-LE), Milk Chocolate Fondue (40-LE) with two choices of fresh pineapple and Cream Puffs as dippers (25-LE). For drinks, we ordered Dip n Dip Chocolate Freezy (45-LE) and Iced Cappuccino (35-LE). Though it wasn't a busy day for Dip n Dip, we waited for 15 minutes before the drinks were placed on the table. As a balanced blend of chocolate and vanilla milk shake; the smooth-textured Dip n Dip Chocolate Freezy was perfect. It also had a bit of a crunch, thanks to the good amount of chocolate chips added to it. When it came to the Iced Cappuccino, the waiter earlier suggested we balanced the sharp taste of coffee by adding a flavour. But the sharp taste of the coffee was the least of our concerns, because the drink as a whole was watery and lacking in consistency. The arrival of the drinks kept us in anticipation for the desserts to follow. But contrary to what we expected, we waited for another 30 minutes until the rest of the order was served. Rubbing salt into the wound; the waffle was crumbly and dry despite being served under a dense layer of dark, white and milk chocolate. But looking on the bright side, the chocolate topping harmoniously gathered the best of the three types of chocolate; the creamy taste of the white chocolate, the sweetness of the milk chocolate and the intense flavour of the dark chocolate –marking itself as the highlight of the Triple Chocolate Waffle. Fortunately, the chocolate fondue came to wash away the disappointments; lusciously melting above a candle to keep its consistency, the milk chocolate complemented the sour taste of the pineapple, as well as the fresh cream puffs. Despite the service being very slow, we have to admit that Dip n Dip has what it takes to satisfy a chocoholic. However, we recommend going there with an empty stomach, because we were gasping for breath after our visit.


Marble Slab Creamery: New Branch at Mirage Mall Disappoints
Published On: 04/09/2016

Twists and trends on the simple and beloved concept of ice cream are becoming more and more common in Cairo, but possibly the first came in the form of mixing ice creams with toppings across a 'cold stone' surface – which was introduced by Marble slab Creamery. The recently-opened branch at Mirage Mall in New Cairo is a small, functional space that consists of a linear work-station that shows the ice cream fridge display and the toppings in front of the frozen marble slab. There are four tables placed outdoor for dining in. The variety of the ice cream was a bit limited with just 10 flavours, but mixing and matching the ice cream with the toppings is where you can explore variety. There are four sizes of serving cups; Kids (22LE), Value (30LE), Original (40LE) and Big Dipper (50LE), or you can go with a plain waffle (5LE). We ordered a cup of strawberry mixed with Maltesers (5LE per topping), and another cup of chocolate mixed with marshmallow. Starting with the strawberry-Maltesers mix, a giant scoop of ice cream was placed on the marble slab and then topped it with a fair amount of Malteseres. The ice cream itself tasted more like a vanilla ice cream with a little hint of strawberry rather than straight strawberry, while the mixing and distribution of the Maltesers was uneven. The same goes for the chocolate marshmallow mix, only it had several more flaws. The ice cream didn't have a noticeable chocolate flavour to it and the marshmallow froze due to the cold stone slab method which made it very chewy. After two fails from the marble slab method, we decided to go classic with a simple plain cone topped with a scoop of wild berries and a scoop of peanut butter. Sadly that didn't work either, as the waffle cone wasn't fresh at all; in addition the berries were bland in taste the ice rock hard –enough to break a plastic spoon, twice. However, the peanut butter ice cream was the only thing flavour that didn't taste bland – it actually tasted like peanut butter. As one of the first ice cream parlours of its kind in Egypt, you can't help but expect more from Marble Slab; but there was limited availability of different flavours and those flavours, of both ice cream and toppings, which were available were largely bland. Add to that the fact that it's a bit pricier than other ice creams shops and you have a pretty poor experience.


Dixie Cream: Rich Selection, Poor Quality at CFC Branch of Donut Chain
Published On: 20/08/2016

Dessert-dedicated venues have been popping up across Cairo at a huge rate over the last few years; Not only are new venues opening, but existing ones are opening new branches at a rapid pace as they race to prove that they are at the top of the dessert game. Dixie Cream is one of the former, with a new branch opening inside Cairo Festival City at one of the entrances leading to the food court, giving it a unique location catching the attention of visitors going into or out of the area. With a small venue, it boasts a simple seating area best suited for short visits, with a wide variety of sugary options, ranging from their signature donuts, Italian styled gelato and frozen yogurt, to a mix of hot and cold drinks made in-house. After taking a seat at one of the available tables, we noticed that it wasn't clean and had traces of juice and sugar from previous guests and with the absence of tissues we couldn't do anything but wait, only for the waiter to arrive a few minutes later and wipe down the table after we told him about it. We opted for the house special Chocolate glazed donut (11LE), Red Velvet filled donut (16LE) and Mini Apple Fritter (14.70LE), while also ordering a latte (17LE) with hazelnut flavour (7 LE) and a Berry Smoothie (15LE). Unfortunately, the chocolate glazed donut wasn't fresh and had a stale aftertaste; on the other hand, the red velvet filled donut had a creamy white filling which was quite good overpowering the again stale dough. While it would have been better hot, the tender apple fritter was served at room temperature; having a cinnamon-tinted centre and a very subtle apple aftertaste which was almost undetectable, with an overpowering sugar glaze while. The Berry smoothie was refreshing, but very sugary, with an artificial aftertaste rather than a fruity one. As for the Latte, we were brought a double shot of Turkish coffee which was strange but with all the issues that we've had during our visit, we ended up not correcting the waiter and leaving shortly afterwards. Overall, there are a lot of issues that need to be addressed with competitors like Dunkin Donuts and other dessert specialist to contend with, particularly when considering the fact that there is a priority problem (at this branch at least). The staff were happy to talk up a lot of the items, but while neglecting the thing Dixie Cream is most know for – donuts.


Gelato Mio: Keeping Ice-Cream Simple, Gimmick-Less & Delicious
Published On: 17/08/2016

Remember when ice cream was served in a waffle cone, or as a sundae in cup with some chocolate sauce on top? Yes, it's sad how the classic form ice cream has been forgotten and been replaced with more elaborate forms – think liquid nitrogen ice cream and ice cream rolls. It's a trend that is taking over Cairo, but there are shops that still offer the classics and one of them is Gelato Mio. Having won a Cairo 360 Editors' Choice Award in the Ice-Cream & Dairy category, we paid a revisit to the unassuming little store on Brazil Street in Zamalek. For those that haven't visited Gelato Mio, it's a very small shop with simple white decoration, including white brick touches, which gives all the attention to the gelato display freezer. We opted for a Small Cone (13LE) with a scoop of Watermelon Gelato and another of Banana & Guava Gelato. We also ordered a Small Cup (13LE) a scoop of Caramel and a scoop of Lindt Chocolate. Sitting on a fresh and crispy waffle cone, the watermelon gelato was super light and refreshing, but we had hoped for a bolder watermelon flavour. As for the banana & guava, the exotic flavour of the guava with the creamy and sweet bananas –which basically could work as a gelato base on its own- created our favourite fruit couple. Sorry strawberry, the guava stole your banana. The Lindt chocolate gelato was just as good; the bitterness of the dark chocolate might not be the best choice for milk chocolate fans, but it worked really well with the caramel gelato, which tasted exactly like a crème caramel and added the sweetness you might be crave with the Lindt gelato. Overall, the gelatos that we tried had perfect, dense textures with intense flavours – as gelato should be – which sums up Gelato Mio's strengths: maintain quality. It's been almost three years since its opened and it continues to prove that its one of the best despite keeping things simple and sticking to the classics. 


Bricks: Good Atmosphere, Great Food at Beverly Hills' The Walk
Published On: 14/08/2016

A perfect hangout spot can be hard to find in Cairo. Though there's certainly no lack of cafes, restaurants and bars, it's simply difficult to find a place that balances entertainment, food and a sense of comfort all at the same time with venues often sacrificing one aspect to keep the rest as high as possible. Hidden away in the Walk at Beverly Hills,6th of October City, lies Bricks; a simple venue with an emphasis on being a hangout spot with good food. The outdoor area is filled with modernised version of Ahwa chairs painted in white along with wooden top tables with metal centres offering cosy setting. Bricks also boasts a relatively small indoor area with the same previously mentioned chairs and a 'PlayStation Corner' for anyone who's into gaming – for free – alongside a huge black graffiti-decorated wall quoting famous Beatles song, Come together. With a relaxed atmosphere, Bricks offer a chilled out mood their seating arrangements, while the availability of playing cards and backgammon, as well as a screen to show matches, it certainly checks two of the boxes for an all-inclusive hangout spot. After taking a seat outside and looking through the menus we opted for the Mozzarella sticks (35LE) as an appetiser, as well as the Classic Burger (45LE), the Mushroom Burger (55 LE) and a Chilly Hotdog (40LE) with extra cheese (5LE) for our main dishes. Arriving only a few minutes later, the appetiser came as four mozzarella sticks with a mayo and sweet chilli sauce; the sticks had a satisfyingly crunchy outer shell with a tender gooey cheese centre that was enhanced even further after dipping it into the sweet chilli sauce for an extra spicy sweet aftertaste. Our main dishes arrived moments later in wooden framed plates accompanied with a small bowl of pickles, alongside some fries. The Mushroom burger had a large burger patty on top of some lettuce and mayo, topped by Swiss cheese and large mushroom pieces and had some curly fries on the side (4LE). The curly fries were well seasoned and would rival that of Hardee's, with a crispy exterior and tender hot interior making us uncontrollably eat one after the other. As for the burger, it had a high quality, pure beef flavour with a barbequed aftertaste, working well with the slightly tangy cheese and the saltiness of the mushroom, making it a well-rounded sandwich. The classic burger followed the same pattern as the mushroom burger in quality, and had lettuce and tomatoes, but was a bit dry. However, that was quickly solved by adding the mayo and sweet chilli sauce. Moving on to the Chilli Hotdog, it came in a large hotdog bun, topped with some mustard and smothered with chilli, extra cheese and slices of onion alongside some French fries. Although the fries lacked a bit of seasoning, it was easily fixed with a bit of salt, and were great, similar to ones from other fast food restaurants like Burger king or McDonald's; crunchy on the outside, soft and hot on the inside. As for the hotdog itself, it had the traditional familiar hotdog taste with an extra kick from the mustard, while the onions made the flavour of the chilli pop, making the sandwich one of the highlights of the evening. We also tried the Peanut Butter Milkshake (30LE), which arrived in a tall glass with a straw. Though rich with peanut butter flavour, it was a bit light texture-wise, and could have been all round better if was a bit thicker. Overall, our visit to Bricks was a pleasant one. With great food and excellent, attentive staff, it makes for a good hang-out spot for both groups and individuals by keeping things relatively simple and letting the atmosphere and food talk for themselves.


The Four Fat Ladies: The Best Dessert Specialist in Zamalek?
Published On: 08/08/2016

One of the most busiest streets in Zamalek is Brazil Street, not least because of the number of dessert specialists on the road – from Nola and Khameera, to Lo2met 3eish and Gelato Mio. That didn't, however, worry The Four Fat Ladies when it moved from El Yamama Center to join the Brazil Street dessert battle. The small bakery has only four tables attached to each other to form one long table with four chairs on one side and one big couch on the other. The couch isn't the most practical of set-ups, but from the white and orange walls and the hanged wooden spoons on the window, to the cute "Peanut Butter is my boyfriend" frame and the blackboard menu, the ambiance of TFFL is the definition of less is more, with its simple yet neat interior. The simplicity isn't shown only in their interior, but in their mouth-watering desserts, too. With a fantatic variety of desserts ranging from classic cakes and muffins, to pies and cheesecakes, TFFL's desserts have a taste of home to them, different to the more commercial bakeries, and surprised us by bringing Marble Cakes and Bundt Cakes back. After 15 minutes of wandering and staring like a lost kid at the fridge display, we finally figured settled on Carrot Cake in a Pot (16LE), Salted Caramel Brownie bite (4.50LE) and S'mores Brownie Bites (4.50LE), but we started with slice of Chocolate Fudge with Peanut Butter Frosting (19.50LE). What make this simple double layered chocolate fudge cake different than any other is how moist it was; it had a melt-in-your-mouth texture and the smooth and fluffy peanut butter frosting with a spot-on amount of sugar. Served as a trifle in a plastic pot, with a remarkable cinnamon flavour, meanwhile, the carrot cake on its own lacked sugar while the cream cheese frosting - which by the way had a fantastic smooth consistency - was overly sweet. Even though you could argue that each element had its flaws, the cake and the cream cheese frosting balanced each other and made one great carrot cake. We saved the best for last with those little pieces of heaven, aka the brownie bites. As two pieces of fudgy brownies filled with salted caramel, the salted caramel brownies were more brownie sandwiches, but had a dense, yet moist, texture and an intense chocolate flavour which worked really well with the salty salted caramel. Filled with chocolate chips and stretchy marshmallow, the s'mores brownie – or should we say blondie - had a perfect chewy texture, but was more of a cookie-variation than a brownie. To sum up our experience at The Four Fat Ladies, there was little to complain about at our visit. Hands down we can easily say that they won the Brazil Street Dessert Battle by sticking to the basics with a twist and not overdoing it, the cosy ambiance, and the helpful staff. Overall, there was little to complain about at the time of our visit and we can happily declare The Four Fat Ladies as the winner of the Brazil Street Dessert Battles. The ambiance is cosy and the staff is helpful, but the key to TFFL is the fact that it does the basics well and doesn't go overboard when it chooses to add a twist to classic desserts. 


Qahwa: How Not to Have Breakfast at the Waterway
Published On: 19/07/2016

As one of the hotbeds of new restaurant and cafe openings, one of 6th of October City's most popular restaurants and breakfast spots has been Qahwa at Arkan Plaza. The second branch opening at the Waterway in New Cairo had us rubbing our hands in anticipation, but it failed to meet expectations – quite spectacularly. Divided into two spaces, Qahwa's indoor area is basically an open station with dessert displays –only a little gloomy and in need of better lighting- while the outdoor area screams brunch with white umbrellas, black fans, organised table arrangements and comfortable wooden chairs Before we get to the food, we can't help but mention how truly disappointing the service was during the time of our visit. It took no less than 30 minutes, and five different waiters, for our menus to arrive, until we literally had to beg for menus and for someone to clean our tables. Once the initial unpleasantness was out of the way, we ordered the Cobb Salad (60LE), which came in the form of a giant bowl of iceberg lettuce with tender chicken cubes smothered with smoky BBQ sauce, as well as red kidney beans, sweet corn, grated cheddar cheese and beef bacon bites, all drizzled with an outstanding ranch dressing. The portion was huge and despite the many ingredients, the flavours complimented one another. The ingredients themselves were fresh and the hint of BBQ sauce on the chicken took the salad to a whole new level of deliciousness. The ratio of lettuce to toppings was a little off, though. We then tried the with Spinach and Mushroom Omelette (38LE); served with well seasoned potato cubes and fresh sautéed mushrooms, though laying on two not-s- fresh pieces of toast, the perfectly cooked omelette was topped and stuffed with a generous amount of cheese, spinach and mushrooms. However, the omelette lacked some seasoning – it seemed they it was relying on the cheese for flavour – while the spinach didn't add anything to the dish in terms of flavour. Looking to try another of Qahwa's egg dishes, we also went for the Benedict with Bacon (50LE). Though it is supposedly served on pizza dough, it was essentially just a piece of stale bread and it only got worse, with the eggs being overcooked, ruining all the fun of watching the yolk stream out of the egg as you break into it. In addition, there was little bacon to speak of and the egg whites were generally a little battered – generally, it was just a badly poached egg. The one thing that was done right, however, was the hollandaise sauce. We'd hoped to end our meal on a sweet note with the Strawberry & Custard Crepe and Blueberry Smoothie, but both were unavailable so we settled for some fresh orange Juice (17LE) and, from the dessert menu, the Caramelised Banana Crepe (36LE). Topped with a banana cut in half – one that was not caramelised as promised - and drizzled with caramel sauce with an already-melted scoop of vanilla ice cream in the middle, we had mixed feelings about what otherwise sounded like an enticing dish. On the one hand, the crepe had a perfect thin texture, but on the other the presentation was sloppy and, again, not what we expected. Oh and, of course, there was the orange, which we received while paying for the check at the counter. Better late than never, some might say, but no; it was served lukewarm and without ice. Based on our experiences and the general popularity of Qahwa's Arkan Mall branch, our visit to the the Waterway branch was, in plain, disappointing. Aside from the overall quality of the food, it was the poor service that shocked us most – especially considering that, at the time of our visit, the venue was far from busy.


Waltz: Quaint New Bakery in Dokki Offers Traditional & Modern Treats
Published On: 16/07/2016

Cairo has always had a decent amount of local bakeries serving the freshest, most affordable and most delicious bakes. But aside from the traditional petit four, freshly baked mini pizza and fino bread, sometimes we crave some Western-baked goodness which are hard to find in local shops –think some ciabatta bread or croissant with your morning coffee. The newest on Cairo's bakery map comes in the form of Waltz, a new small bakery which recently opened on Mossadak Street. Inside the small baker there's an obvious Western patisserie aesthetic, with the choice of navy blue colour, touches of wood which added a classy touch and slightly less sophisticated glossy wall with pink and yellow leaves patterns. The place has a small table with high chairs if you want to have your order in store. Though still in the soft opening phase, Waltz still has a decent variety of pastries to offer from burger buns, ciabatta bread, to mini bites and luscious desserts. We decided to try the Cheese Croissant (9LE), Chocolate Pate (10LE), Mango Mousse (12LE) and Caramel and Peanut butter Cup (15LE). Starting with the cheese croissant, the croissant itself was soft, flaky and incredibly fresh even though we visited the place at night. We just wish it would've been slightly more buttery and had more cheese as we barely felt its presence. The chocolate pate was just as fresh, loaded with a generous amount of unsweetened bold chocolate flavour which makes it perfect for breakfast. While most items in the bakery seemed old school, the caramel cup was one of Waltz's more modern take on desserts. Served as a trifle, the cup consists of layers of super smooth and rich peanut butter frosting and moist chocolate cake topped with peanuts and possibly the best caramel sauce we've had in a while. The chocolate cake texture was perfect but the chocolate flavour was too weak and got overpowered by the peanut butter frosting and caramel. Lastly, we tried the mango mousse. A layer of vanilla cake topped with mango mousse, a thin layer of cream and mango glaze, the mango mousse was perfectly executed but sadly it lacked mango flavour. We can say that it looked the part but let's just say we expected more. Waltz is a great bakery addition to Dokki area. It looks promising with its decent variety of fresh bakes and we can't wait to see what more they have to offer when they fully launch. 


Lychee: Salads & Oatmeal Breakfasts at Popular Juice Bar
Published On: 11/07/2016

Lychee originally opened as a juice and smoothie bar in 2012, something rare to find in Cairo. Any health-obsessed foodie would be tremendously excited by the new food options added to the menu recently, since it promises wholesome and quick food to be enjoyed with Lychee's already well-loved smoothies and juices. This place is small and has a very "healthy fast food" sort of vibe. We love the urban organic health-nut feeling we had while hanging around the chalk boards which listed the smoothies and their ingredients. The empty jars and bottles stacked on the wooden shelves and the little Polaroid photos on the walls certainly help to add to this aesthetic. It was packed to the brim with young Cairenes sipping smoothies, and although they have a small bench which can seat 5-6 people, this place is certainly more grab-and-go, as one would expect a juice bar to be. We started out with 'The Kale Way' salad, which the menu described as including apples, salted peanuts, dried goji berries, dried cranberries, cucumber, golden flax seeds and a kale mix. We were expecting a crunchy, sweet medley of freshness perfect for the summertime, but sadly this salad did not deliver on this at all. The salad did not contain nearly enough of the components that were meant to add the most of the unique flavor (the berries, apples, and peanuts) making it quite bland. Besides lacking in overall flavour, it was also an extremely inconvenient salad. The kale mix and apple chunks were not chopped up enough, making it difficult to even grab a forkful and eat it, while the cucumber was spiralized into one long, thin slice which caused us to have to eat it like a spaghetti noodle. We were disappointed to say the least. For our next dish we tried something a little more hearty and sweet; the breakfast oatmeal (40LE). It comes with frozen blueberries, banana, chia seeds and your choice of almond milk or skimmed milk. Despite not having the requested almond milk, the oatmeal – made with water – maintained a thickness and creaminess that was made all the better by the fact that it wasn't sickeningly sweet. The frozen blueberries added a fruitiness once they melted into the warm oats, while the addition of cinnamon to our order really pulled the whole thing together. It was comforting, filling, packed with protein and included wonderful health benefits thanks to the chia seeds and generous servings of fruit. For a tiny dessert, we tried their new gluten-free cookie (15LE) and while it was not as moist as one would hope a cookie would be, it was quite tasty and resembled a cinnamon bun. It was wrapped up to-go style and stacked up on the shelf with the other cookie flavours, making it easy to pick one out and leave if you're in a hurry. When we tried some of their juices and smoothies, it was obvious that these were the real winners. Their kiwi blend (18LE) was sweet and refreshing, and there was definitely no question that they use the ripest of kiwis. From the grab-and-go fridge, we picked out the Calming Greens juice (25LE) and it is certainly called "calming" for a reason; unlike any other green juice we've tried before, this one included chamomile (which is well-known for its calming abilities) and blueberries. These two ingredients along with some pineapple and carrot added enough sweetness to mask any bitter taste from the kale and arugula, making it very well balanced. As for a smoothie, we opted for 'I Love Watermelon' which was a simple blend of watermelon, mint and passion fruit juice. Watermelon and mint is a pretty popular combination along the Mediterranean, but passion fruit? This seemed interesting. In a word, this smoothie was superb. It was incredibly sweet, hydrating and even invigorating, making it the perfect icy-cold treat for the summer. The sweetness of the watermelon was perfectly balanced out by the tanginess of the passion fruit. This smoothie has officially convinced us that passion fruit is the yin to watermelon's yang, and will definitely leave you craving more. Altogether, our order came out to 168LE, which wasn't too bad considering no one really expects a place that sells cold-pressed juices filled with organic ingredients to be too cheap. Even though it was pretty frustrating that they were out of a few things (such as the almond milk) and the waiters seemed a bit lost at times, service was still friendly and accommodating. Since some of the new food options weren't a total success, there is no doubt that Lychee is first and foremost a juice and smoothie bar and unquestionably excels in this area.


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