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Frozzy Twist

Frozzy Twist: ‘Basbousa Ice Cream Rolls’ & Other Frozen Treats in Mohandiseen

  • Ahmed Orabi St. (next to Antar El Kababgy)
  • Dairy & Ice Cream
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Ramy Soliman
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Frozzy Twist: ‘Basbousa Ice Cream Rolls’ & Other Frozen Treats in Mohandiseen

Having introduced the Thai style ice cream rolls to Cairo in 2014, Frozzy Twist opened their very first branch at Nasr City was huge success. Just like cupcakes, waffles and crepes, it was no surprise that the concept went on to be copied by so many without adding anything different.

Two years on, Frozzy Twist has opened a Mohandiseen branch on Ahmed Oraby Street – and it was very impressive at the time of our visit. Unlike their usual dark coloured interior, this branch is actually very cheerful, using light pink, green, blue and yellow bricks on the walls, as well as lighting that brings out all of these colours.

From milkshakes and molten chocolate cakes, to cheesecake and endless ice cream roll flavours, the variety has definitely got bigger since our last visit. However, we kept it simple by ordering a medium sized cashew ice cream roll (20LE).

Starting with the cashew, the ice cream attendant (what do you call these guys?) poured some of the ice cream mixture on a freezing cold surface with a handful of salted cashew, which he then smashed using some kind of a trowel until it formed a very thin rectangle-shaped layer. He then slid the trowel from the beginning to the end to form small ice cream rolls.

The sweetness of the ice cream mixture was spot-on and the cashew was perfectly distributed, which ensured the presence of its salty and nutty flavours in almost every single spoon. However, the texture was a bit dense which made it hard to eat with the plastic spoons provided – so much so that we broke two spoons. 

We also tried a medium-sized Basbousa ice cream roll (13LE) – yes, basbousa ice cream is a thing. The ice cream and basbousa were merged to create a fantastic chewy, stickycombo, full of mini bits of basbousa. It’s like you’re almost eating cold basbousa with cream, but we have to say that it was a little bit too sweet.

Even though we believe that nothing can beat a simple, classic scoop of ice cream, the best word to describe our visit to Frozzy Twist is ‘fun’. With friendly staff, a great variety of desserts and a cheerful interior, we can easily say that this is their best branch yet!

360 Tip

Frozzy Twist has also recently opened a Dokki branch, near Shooting Club.

Best Bit

Basbousa ice cream rolls - Oriental-Western fusion at its finest.

Worst Bit

We’re hoping for a less sweet basbousa ice cream next time.

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