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G Restaurant & Café

G Restaurant & Café: Flashy Hangout Spot in Downtown Katameya

  • Downtown Katameya Mall, Road 90, 5th District
  • International
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Jessica Noble
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G Restaurant & Café: Flashy Hangout Spot in Downtown Katameya
After struggling to find our way around Katameya’s Downtown Mall, we eventually found G Restaurant & Café; a newly opened establishment claiming to be the ‘hottest spot in town’ – get it?

The interior is attractive and well designed with cool, contemporary light fittings, huge mirrors, white and grey furniture, folding glass walls and a large, white and blue bar. However, the downfall was that neither the floor, nor the tables were the cleanest we’ve seen. Despite being recently opened, the dirt and chipped paintwork on the bar has already created a slightly shabby feel.

The dance tracks playing loudly in the background help to heat up the atmosphere but we wouldn’t say it was the hottest spot in town; we were absolutely freezing. The door is left open constantly as it needs to be closed using a key and there appeared to be no indoor heating, but, as we were their only customers, the staff kindly borrowed a heater from a neighbouring restaurant. 

Despite our reservations, we wondered if the food and drink could redeem the place. The drinks menu boasts a range of fruity cocktails, smoothies, frappes, sodas, teas and coffees. We went for a Hawaii cocktail (19.50LE) – a concoction of fresh kiwi, mango and pineapple juice which was, to our delight, deliciously fruity, with a sharp kick from the kiwi. We also chose a sunshine (17.50LE) which came with a generous amount of sweet grenadine syrup and fresh lemon slices.

We then pondered over their selection of pizzas, pasta, burgers, hot and cold sandwiches and salads before settling on our starters; one French Onion Soup (15LE) and a G Platter (38LE) – a selection of onion rings, calamari, fried mozzarella and chicken strips. To follow, we opted for a Niçoise salad (29LE) and a pepperoni pizza (28LE).

Thankfully, the starters arrived quickly and we warmed up with the rich, thick French onion soup with slices of soft onion soaking at the bottom. The G Platter was a little more disappointing; the chicken strips were hard and dry whilst the calamari was oily. However, the onion rings were nice and crunchy and the mozzarella sticks were tasteless but edible.

Moving on to the Niçoise salad, we crunched through the mountain of fresh greens, boiled egg slices, green beans and moist tuna. Unfortunately, the boiled potatoes were very undercooked and the vinaigrette wasn’t particularly flavourful. The pizza came with a surprise topping of mushrooms and very little tomato, making it a rather plain creation – almost saved by the meaty pepperoni pieces.

Hoping to end on a high note, we ordered warm chocolate brownies with vanilla ice-cream which left us a little deflated. Though the large brownie square was covered in chocolate sauce, it was barely tepid and slightly stale.

We wrapped up the evening with a grape flavoured shisha (15LE) which was tasty, enjoyable and smooth, served in a funky, brightly coloured pipe.

Although G Restaurant & Café attempts to impress with quirky decor, it needs to work a little harder to distinguish itself in the food department. We’d recommend this place for cold drinks and shisha, but unfortunately, the kitchen hasn’t quite got it right – yet?

360 Tip

G Restaurant & Café's Facebook page is a pretty reliable source for food-related humour and general viral nonsense.

Best Bit

The fresh juice cocktails and the smooth shisha.

Worst Bit

Simply put: the execution in the kitchen was poor.

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