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Gelato Mio

Gelato Mio: Keeping Ice-Cream Simple, Gimmick-Less & Delicious

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Ramy Soliman
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Gelato Mio: Keeping Ice-Cream Simple, Gimmick-Less & Delicious

Remember when ice cream was served in a waffle cone, or as a sundae in cup with some chocolate sauce on top? Yes, it’s sad how the classic form ice cream has been forgotten and been replaced with more elaborate forms – think liquid nitrogen ice cream and ice cream rolls. It’s a trend that is taking over Cairo, but there are shops that still offer the classics and one of them is Gelato Mio.

Having won a Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Award in the Ice-Cream & Dairy category, we paid a revisit to the unassuming little store on Brazil Street in Zamalek.

For those that haven’t visited Gelato Mio, it’s a very small shop with simple white decoration, including white brick touches, which gives all the attention to the gelato display freezer.

We opted for a Small Cone (13LE) with a scoop of Watermelon Gelato and another of Banana & Guava Gelato.  We also ordered a Small Cup (13LE) a scoop of Caramel and a scoop of Lindt Chocolate.

Sitting on a fresh and crispy waffle cone, the watermelon gelato was super light and refreshing, but we had hoped for a bolder watermelon flavour. As for the banana & guava, the exotic flavour of the guava with the creamy and sweet bananas –which basically could work as a gelato base on its own- created our favourite fruit couple. Sorry strawberry, the guava stole your banana.

The Lindt chocolate gelato was just as good; the bitterness of the dark chocolate might not be the best choice for milk chocolate fans, but it worked really well with the caramel gelato, which tasted exactly like a crème caramel and added the sweetness you might be crave with the Lindt gelato.

Overall, the gelatos that we tried had perfect, dense textures with intense flavours – as gelato should be – which sums up Gelato Mio’s strengths: maintain quality. It’s been almost three years since its opened and it continues to prove that its one of the best despite keeping things simple and sticking to the classics. 

360 Tip

Gelato Mio is open for the summer on the North Coast at the Platform behind Marina.

Best Bit

It sounds a bit messy, but the banana & guava gelato is a genius combination.

Worst Bit

The chocolate cone wasn’t available at the time of our visit. #SadFace

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