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Kayan Kitchen & Bakery

Kayan Kitchen & Bakery: Excellent Gourmet Sandwiches at Unlikely Dokki Kiosk

  • Michael Bakhoum Street, In front of Shooting Club Gate
  • Bakeries & Patisseries
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Ramy Soliman
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Kayan Kitchen & Bakery: Excellent Gourmet Sandwiches at Unlikely Dokki Kiosk

The food and beverage industry in Egypt is so big, and continues to get bigger, that some venues often go overlooked – hidden gems ready to be discovered. One such diamond in the rough is Kayan Kitchen & Bakery; a small kiosk selling gourmet sandwiches in front of Shooting Club in Dokki.

A smallish cart embellished by a green carpet, plants on the front; it can be hard at first to believe that such small venue is capable of making such variety of gourmet sandwiches from chicken, beef, turkey and cold cuts—you name it.   

We kicked things off with a Kayan Burger (27LE), which  came with an impressive amount of Italian flavours. The juicy burger patty was covered in lettuce, diced tomatoes, fresh melted mozzarella, pesto sauce, pickled red onion and Dijon butter, all nestled in a light and fluffy bun with a spot-on crispy exterior. Everything came together perfectly for a genuinely Italian taste.

Looking to try the chicken options, we were initially torn between BBQ Chicken (28LE),  Kayan Breaded Chicken (30LE) – both highly recommended by the staff – and Chicken Curry (25LE). We opted for the latter, which came in the form of tender, curry-spiced grilled chicken, mixed with roasted peppers, pickled lemons and yogurt-coriander dressing. Though wrapped in pita rather than traditional Indian naan bread – wishful thinking on our part, maybe – the chicken curry was bursting with flavours with an overpowering pickled lemon flavour. Like the burger, it certainly lived up to its name. 

We couldn’t leave Kayan without trying something from the cold cut sandwiches, that’s when we went with famous BLT – (beef) bacon, lettuce and tomato (28LE). Bringing together Dijon butter spread, pickled onion, beef bacon, lettuce and tomatoes and served in Italian white ciabatta bread, everyhting from the bread to the vegetables tasted noticeably fresh, while the Dijon butter spread added an exquisite kick to the overall taste and was a perfect foil for beef bacon.

Dessert was next up on our visit, but, unfortunately, they didn't quite hit the bar set by the sandwiches. Opting for Chocolate Donut (7LE) and Cinnamon Roll (7LE), the donut was a little too dense, while the cinnamon roll needed more cinnamon.

Despite the desserts, it's difficult not to be impressed by Kayan. Everything from the friendly staff, to watching food in the making, to then eating it was a delight and, if we're honest, a suprise – never judge a book by its cover, indeed.

360 Tip

Kayan also has a kiosk inside Shooting Club in Dokki. 

Best Bit

The bread, the bread, the bread.

Worst Bit

The donut and cinnamon roll were bland.

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