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Khameera: Quaint, Quality Bakery in Zamalek

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Khameera: Quaint, Quality Bakery in Zamalek
Zamalek has seen more than a fair share of newly opened restaurants and cafés in recent days; the island has practically become a big café in and of itself. While eateries are plentiful, finding a quality loaf of bread or croissant isn’t as simple as we’d like it to be. If it weren’t for TBS, would you know where to go? Luckily enough, there is now another choice.

Situated on Brazil Street, near the intersection of Brazil and Ahmed Sabry Streets, is a newly opened bakery that has taken us by surprise. The simple, no-frills décor makes it easy to miss so just keep an eye out for the orange sign with pretty brown script. The interior is small, making your mission just that much easier – directly to the pastry case!

Khameera, which means ‘yeast’ in Arabic, is a family business that claims to have been around since the 1930’s – providing loving bread products to other businesses while establishing their own mills around Cairo. “It’s all about baking” is their motto and we tend to agree.

One thing is for sure: they aren’t short on variety, offering breads, sandwiches, Danish pastries, crisps, biscuits, cakes, tarts and more. For just 3.50LE, the multigrain ciabatta was delightful; fresh, soft, crispy on the outside and smothered with seeds and actual whole grains. Their other wholegrain options come in baguettes (9LE) and loaves (13LE).

Croissants including labnah, chocolate, almond, zaatar, plain, cheese and Philadelphia range between 3LE-8LE. The Philadelphia croissant was nearly naughty with its buttery goodness and generous amount of cream cheese, though a little less flaky than we prefer our croissants to be.

Last but not least, after a mere 3.5LE for a delicate macaroon, we were sold; delightfully crunchy on the outside with the perfect portion of chocolate and hazelnut spread on the inside. 

A great place for party treats, their cute, delicately decorated petit fours will run you 60LE-80LE per kilo. Cakes, including cheesecakes and carrot cake, are 80LE and the same for tarts. Single servings are also an option. 

What we fancied most about Khameera was their no-fluff, friendly approach to the products they offer. It’s obvious that the bakery pays fine attention to detail and quality while keeping it real and simple at the same time.  The staff, knowledgeable and patient, came in handy with our indecisive nature too.

Khameera delivers and if you’re a morning person, have no fear! They open bright and early at 7AM.

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Best Bit

Reasonably priced, quality baked goods; who would say no to that?

Worst Bit

Nescafe should never be a flavor for macaroons. Ever.

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